Huawei and China fight US trade secret theft allegations

Huawei and China’s foreign affairs ministry have both hit back at the US Department of Justice over accusations of intellectual property and trade secret theft.

17 February 2020

ECJ boosts pharma companies’ need for data strategies

Judgments that rejected a presumption of confidentiality for clinical study reports submitted for marketing authorisation have significant implications.

07 February 2020

Microsoft: US government needs federal chief data officer

The US government’s efforts to build an open data culture will fall short without a federal chief data officer, according to Microsoft counsel Jule Sigall.

04 February 2020

Data Business Congress: trust, integrity, simplicity

Experts from Google, Uber and Sirius Computer Solutions have predicted what data issues they expect to emerge in the next five years.

04 February 2020

Data Business Congress: alternative IP to resolve privacy/open data clash?

The US may look to import something akin to EU database rights to protect data investments, an American Express senior counsel has said.

04 February 2020

Outsourcer accused of data theft

A New York company has said Indian outsourcing provider Quatrro was responsible for data theft that led to the end of its relationship with Microsoft and Google.

06 December 2019

Google accused of serving scraped lyric data

A company that has built up a database of millions of song lyrics has said Google illicitly presents the data it has compiled on its search results, and has sued the tech company as well as the alleged supplier of the data in New York.

05 December 2019

Address database product infringed UK mapping agency IP, court rules

An English court has ruled that intellectual property owned by the Ordnance Survey (OS), the UK’s national mapping agency, was infringed by a company that used its data to set up a geospatial dataset product.

11 November 2019

Marketing data company accuses consultancy of data theft

Marketing data company DiscoverOrg has accused an advisory company of using records stolen from DiscoverOrg’s database to market its own products and services.

01 November 2019

Tata attempt to quash $420 million payout “morally bankrupt”, software developer seethes

Epic Systems has labelled an attempt by Tata Consultancy Services to overturn a trial court order forcing the Indian company to pay it $420 million for appropriating confidential information as “incorrect” and “morally bankrupt”.

25 September 2019

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