HiQ wins LinkedIn scraping appeal

A US federal appeal court has stopped LinkedIn from ordering data analytics company HiQ Labs not to scrape and sell the platform’s public user data, preventing what the smaller company claimed was an existential threat to its business model.

10 September 2019

Canadian filmmaker fails to force Orange to divulge IP address data

A Canadian filmmaker’s attempt to force internet service provider Orange to hand over details of IP address owners it identifies as having illegally downloaded its films has backfired, after a French court found its attempt to track the illegal downloads fell foul of data protection rules.

05 September 2019

Spanish organisation seeks to force public source code disclosure

An NGO has sued Spain’s government over its decision to withhold the source code for an algorithm used to determine eligibility for an electricity subsidy.

21 August 2019

Facebook moves to end machine learning data lawsuit

Facebook has sought to dismiss copyright and trade secret claims made against it by a Lithuanian data company, shortly after co-defendant Princeton University did the same.

19 August 2019

Apple attacks virtualisation provider

Apple has claimed that Corellium selling virtual copies of its software is committing “straightforward” copyright infringement, rubbishing the defendant’s claims that it merely provides the service as a cybersecurity research tool.

16 August 2019

Princeton seeks dismissal of dataset IP lawsuit

Princeton University has asked a San Francisco federal court to dismiss a lawsuit filed against it and Facebook accusing them of scraping and distributing datasets to use in machine vision and robotics research.

05 August 2019

Multiple companies face secure login patent lawsuits

The owner of a secure login authentication patent has sued at least six companies, including Instagram and Fitbit, over alleged infringement of its IP.

31 July 2019

Satellite company accuses ex-chief executive of stealing client data

Satcom Solution and Resources has sued an ex-president of the company after he allegedly stole its customer database to set up a rival inventory management software company.

24 July 2019

Healthcare provider, software company in legal battle over medical data

A US healthcare provider and a software company are embroiled in a pair of lawsuits against each other, with the software company claiming the provider stole its trade secrets, and the provider in turn claiming that the software company is holding its medical data for “ransom.”

19 July 2019

English court refuses to force Virgin to divulge porn download data

Pornography copyright holders have failed to convince an English court to force internet service provider Virgin Media to hand over details of IP address owners they identify as having unlawfully downloaded their films – with the GDPR featuring in the court’s reasoning.

17 July 2019

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