Google accused of infringing adtech patents

Californian tech company Impact Engine has accused Google of stealing technology the tech giant now uses in a range of adtech products, including DoubleClick and Google AdWords.

16 July 2019

Arbitration award upheld in fintech dispute

A Swedish court has upheld a Swedish Chamber of Commerce arbitration award in a dispute over an e-identification system for mobile phones.

15 July 2019

Tata attacks $420 million trade secrets payout

Tata Consultancy Services has told a US federal appeals court to quash a trial court’s order forcing it to pay $420 million in damages to software developer Epic Systems, after the company appropriated confidential information.

12 July 2019

UK ranks sixth worldwide in AI patent applicants

The UK government has said it is committed to boosting the UK’s artificial intelligence sector and that the number of AI patent applications made in the UK is growing rapidly.

20 June 2019

Search engine immunity “not limitless,” federal appeals court rules

The Washington, DC federal appeals court has said Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! can enjoy immunity from claims that they had flooded search results with scam locksmiths’ websites – but that their protection from liability is not absolute.

10 June 2019

Facebook and Princeton sued over alleged AI image theft

The owner of a collection of 3D images has sued Facebook and Princeton University, alleging that they used scraped data for research into AI.

06 June 2019

NordVPN accused of “blackmail”

A virtual private network operator has alleged that rival NordVPN threatened to publicly release confidential information obtained through a former service provider.

28 May 2019

LG Chem sues competitor over battery trade secret theft

LG Chem has sued manufacturer SK Innovation over an alleged “blatant” campaign to acquire business secrets linked to lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles.

30 April 2019

Ryanair scraping litigation stays in Ireland

Ireland’s High Court has dismissed a Romanian travel agency’s challenge to its jurisdiction to hear litigation over its alleged scraping of Ryanair data from the airline’s website.

30 April 2019

Tata accused of appropriating financial software source code

Software provider Computer Sciences Corporation says Tata Consultancy Services illegally used CSC confidential information and trade secrets in a bid to launch competing financial software.

23 April 2019

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