Amici curiae back Google in Oracle copyright case

Lobbying groups and technology companies have backed Google in its bid to get the US Supreme Court to scrutinise previous court decisions in a long-running copyright battle with Oracle.

26 February 2019

Synopsys sues Fortinet for copyright infringement

Software giant Synopsys has accused cybersecurity company Fortinet of infringing copyright by circumventing its security measures to make unauthorised copies of its software.

20 February 2019

Disclosure law declared unconstitutional by Polish court

Poland’s constitutional court has declared that a provision allowing IP rights holders to request information from third parties that hold or use goods that they believe infringe those rights to be unconstitutional.

18 February 2019

English judge grants injunction in product copying case

An High Court judge has granted an interim injunction in principle against an insurance company that allegedly used confidential information given to it by another competitor to develop a rival product.

11 February 2019

Judge sides with HPE in Oracle copyright dispute

A US judge has granted Hewlett-Packard Enterprise’s motion for summary judgment in its copyright dispute with Oracle, saying that there is no evidence of infringement.

11 February 2019

Versata loses copyright claims against Ford

A US federal judge has shut down software developer Versata’s claim that Ford infringed copyright in software designed to improve the efficiency of its car configuration.

01 February 2019

Google asks Supreme Court to intervene in Oracle copyright battle

Google has asked the US Supreme Court to review a longstanding dispute with Oracle that it says could change the future of software development.

25 January 2019

UBS and Bloomberg face off in data-sharing lawsuit

UBS has rejected allegations by Bloomberg that the bank illegally shared its data with third parties, and countersued the company for breach of contract.

24 January 2019

Singapore to exempt data analysis from copyright rules

Singaporean lawmakers have agreed to amend the country’s copyright laws so that copyrighted material can be mined and used in data analysis.

23 January 2019

Amazon and Blizzard score victory in data storage patent case

A US federal judge has upheld a decision to invalidate a company’s patent for data storage technology, following a submission by Amazon and video game developer Blizzard Entertainment.

11 January 2019

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