Capital One data breach fine signals cloud scrutiny

A US banking regulator has fined Capital One $80 million over problems with its cloud computing security processes that led to a massive data breach.

07 August 2020

US corporation sues Angola for state-sponsored hack

Nevada-based Africa Growth Corporation has accused Angola’s government of stealing attorney-client communications from servers in the US – ultimately leading to the country abandoning a $47.5 million settlement in a separate dispute.

28 July 2020

New York regulator files first cybersecurity charges

The New York State Department of Financial Services has charged a Nebraska-based title insurance company for failing to shut down a five-year IT vulnerability, which the regulator says led to millions of internal records being exposed to anyone with a web browser.

24 July 2020

Dunnhumby: Insights from the data adviser to the retail industry

GDR spoke to Alison Williams, head of data at Dunnhumby – a consultancy that has advised retailers on using their data to improve their businesses since 1989. An early pioneer in data-driven business, the company has helped the UK and US retail sectors to become some of the most sophisticated and competitive in the world.

23 July 2020

Apple restricts data collection on mobile apps

Apple has changed its app store policies to make cross-app tracking an active opt-in choice for users, in a move likely to restrict the level of data collection on mobile apps.

23 June 2020

Senator blasts US intelligence agencies for lax cybersecurity

A US senator has released excerpts of an internal Central Intelligence Agency report which describes how lax cybersecurity standards led to the largest data breach in the agency’s history.

23 June 2020

The data revolution happening in professional services

KPMG’s former head of digital disruption is now leading the charge to revolutionise the way data is used and analysed in the auditing and professional services industry.

16 June 2020

Big data continues to shine during market rally

Big data has continued to outperform most other industries as markets rally from their March and April lows, with the cloud computing and cybersecurity sectors leading the way with double-digit gains on the year.

27 May 2020

Covid-19 tracing app will stray from ICO privacy recommendations

The head of the UK Information Commissioner’s Office has backed the use of a centralised database for a covid-19 tracing app – contrary to prior recommendations by her office.

05 May 2020

Twitter and Facebook see adtech headwinds as cloud computing boosts Microsoft

Covid-19 has contributed to reductions in Twitter, Facebook and Microsoft’s advertising revenue, with Microsoft boasting major gains with its cloud computing services.

01 May 2020

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