Law: Children's Online Privacy Protection Act 1998 (USA)

FTC Edmodo order highlights risk of outsourcing parental consent

An FTC settlement with edtech provider Edmodo highlights that obtaining verifiable parental consent before collecting children’s data is an onerous but crucial step the edtech industry cannot avoid.

25 May 2023

Google says Ninth Circuit opinion creates children's law "patchwork"

Google has asked a major federal appeal court to reconsider a ruling that resurrected a COPPA class action against the company.

01 February 2023

US privacy litigation winter break round-up

The waning days of 2022 did not stop litigators from filing data privacy class actions and courts issuing orders. GDR has compiled some of the noteworthy data privacy lawsuit filings and updates in the last weeks of 2022.

09 January 2023

Epic to pay record-breaking $275 million COPPA fine

Video game developer Epic Games will pay $275 million to settle child privacy law violations.

19 December 2022

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