Law: Directive 2002/58/EC - The ePrivacy Directive

More user choice won’t fix adtech, MEP says

The shadow rapporteur for the Digital Services Act has said consent-based replacements to cookie banners and other tracking mechanisms ignore the average user’s lack of expertise on the adtech ecosystem.

24 May 2023

ECJ to hear question on DPA obligation to explain fines

A Romanian court has asked the European Court of Justice to clarify data protection authorities' obligations to analyse and explain their decisions when imposing a fine.

21 March 2023

Polish court dismisses appeal over employee error delaying breach notification

A Polish court has ruled that a company fined over a late ePrivacy data breach report could not use an employee’ error to justify the delayed notification.

09 March 2023

ICO data breach reporting backtrack

Communication service providers must continue to report data breaches within 24 hours, the ICO has said, despite saying a few days ago that it would cease enforcing the requirement.

26 January 2023

Hamburg regulator granted further enforcement powers

Hamburg’s parliament has granted the state data regulator further enforcement powers, including the power to issue fines over cookie failures.

20 January 2023

EDPB reaches cookie consensus

The EDPB has published an overview of acceptable practice for cookie banners, following a year in which millions of euros of fines have been handed out for misbehaviour in the space.

18 January 2023

French cookie campaign targets TikTok

The French data regulator has fined TikTok €5 million for failing to put in place proper processes for cookies on its website.

13 January 2023

Apple fined €8 million in France

France’s privacy watchdog has fined Apple €8 million for its targeted advertising practices – but the company plans to appeal.

05 January 2023

Microsoft fined €60 million in France

Microsoft has been fined €60 million by the French data protection regulator after the tech giant’s arguments that the prevention of advertising fraud constituted a strictly necessary use fell flat.

22 December 2022

2022 in fines

As regulators around the world prepare to shut down for the winter after a long year of investigations, GDR highlights the ten largest privacy sanctions issued in 2022.

16 December 2022

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