Law: Federal Trade Commission Act 1914 (USA)

FTC reiterates AI focus with streamlined investigations

The FTC’s decision to ease its AI investigation process is the latest example of the regulator positioning itself as the top US AI enforcer.

29 November 2023

FTC eases AI investigation process

The Federal Trade Commission has allowed its staff to issue information requests without prior authorisation in AI-related cases.

22 November 2023

Court rejects X’s motion to axe FTC settlement

A judge has said a federal court cannot modify or terminate the Federal Trade Commission’s Twitter deal.

20 November 2023

Judge hesitant to block FTC modified Meta order

A Washington, DC judge has expressed scepticism that his court has jurisdiction to block the FTC from modifying Meta’s $5 billion privacy settlement.

18 October 2023

DOJ argues Musk can’t end X’s FTC administrative order

The US Department of Justice said X’s motion to terminate a 2022 FTC administrative order should be dismissed and claims that the FTC is biased and interfered in X’s audit are false.

13 September 2023

FTC enforces against DNA tester

A DNA testing kit provider has settled the Federal Trade Commission’s latest health privacy enforcement action.

19 June 2023

FTC turns to section 19 to obtain first-time offender penalties

A US Supreme Court decision has pushed the Federal Trade Commission to use a once little-used enforcement tool to obtain monetary relief from first-time data privacy offenders.

08 June 2023

FTC says Ring employees spied on consumers

Amazon-owned Ring will pay $5.8 million to settle FTC allegations that lax privacy policies allowed its employees and Ukrainian contractors to spy on users and failed to prevent cyberattacks.

01 June 2023

Amazon hit with $25 million COPPA fine

The FTC has accused Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant of indefinitely retaining children’s voice recordings and transcripts.

01 June 2023

Premom stops health data sharing in FTC and state AG deal

Ovulation-tracking app Premom has agreed to stop sharing users’ health data for advertising purposes to settle FTC and three state attorneys-general claims that it shared user health information without consent – including to a pair of China-based developers.

18 May 2023

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