Law: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 1996 (USA)

Delaware joins the fold: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 15 September 2023

Delaware’s governor signs the state’s data privacy bill into law; California’s largest healthcare provider pays $49 million to settle claims it illegally disposed of medical waste and patient data; and RELX’s chief data security counsel joins Morrison & Foerster.

15 September 2023

FTC’s Pixel, Google Analytics warning letters: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 24 July 2023

The FTC and US Department of Health and Human Services sent 130-plus hospital systems and telehealth providers letters regarding Meta Pixel, Google Analytics and other online analytics tools’ potential privacy risks; and the European Commission and the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are informally teaming up to tackle financial institutions’ potential privacy risks.

24 July 2023

Oregon’s data privacy bill strips nonprofits and other industries of exemptions

Oregon’s consumer privacy bill borrows heavily from counterparts in other states but stretches its regulation to organisations that other statutes have largely avoided.

29 June 2023

Health data a growing priority in wake of Dobbs

A proposed HIPAA amendment to give more protection to individuals’ health data is a response to Dobbs shattering federal protections for abortion, but is also part of a growing trend to more closely guard privacy in the area.

28 June 2023

Law firm pays $200,000 over health data breach

A law firm has agreed to pay the New York State Attorney General's Office $200,000 after a ransomware attack exposed its clients’ patient data.

28 March 2023

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