Law: Law Enforcement Directive (LED) (2016/680/EU)

ECJ rules on right to judicial review of authority decisions

The European Court of Justice has said that actions by regulators that exercise data subjects’ rights on their behalf are subject to judicial review.

17 November 2023

Russian double agent’s case against UK NCA can proceed

A High Court judge has refused to dismiss allegations that a UK law enforcer illegally shared the new British identity and address of a former KGB double agent with Latvian prosecutors.

27 October 2023

Belgian law enforcement directive transposition unlawful, ECJ told

A European Court of Justice lawyer has concluded that Belgium’s transposition of the law enforcement directive is inadequate, as it prevents data subjects from challenging the decisions of police regulators charged with exercising their data rights.

16 June 2023

ECJ rules on police biometric data collection

The European Court of Justice has said the systematic collection of biometric and genetic data of accused individuals is contrary to EU law that requires enhanced protection for sensitive personal data.

27 January 2023

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