California updates data broker rule with new deletion obligations

California is again setting a new tone in US privacy regulations with a data broker bill that would establish a one-step request to permanently delete Californians’ personal data.

27 September 2023

Russian taxi app data transfer ban lifted

The Finnish and Norwegian privacy regulators will no longer ban taxi app Yango from transferring customer data to Russia – but the case is not yet closed.

27 September 2023

Ninth Circuit rejects anti-SLAPP defence

A US federal appeals court has refused data broker ZoomInfo’s bid to strike a privacy lawsuit under the California anti-SLAPP law.

26 September 2023

More damages clarifications sent to ECJ

Germany’s highest civil court has asked the European Court of Justice to clarify multiple questions on the interpretation of GDPR non-material damages.

26 September 2023

MEP criticises AI Act for stifling competition

A shadow rapporteur for the AI Act has said the AI Act marks a failure of the European Commission to make the necessary changes to the GDPR.

26 September 2023

More Splunk for your buck: AI newsletter 25 September 2023

While industry voices continue to back the merits of open source large language model development, the money continues to flow to a few familiar names while the less familiar ones get snapped up. Cisco has just handed over the GDP of Honduras for AI-driven cybersecurity (and much else) provider Splunk, while familiar face Anthropic AI gets a $4 billion cash injection from Amazon. On the regulatory side, tinkering continues at the edges of the EU AI Act while the US gets another legislative proposal to add to its deck.

25 September 2023

UK data flows official warns against localisation

The potential consequences of implementing data localisation rules could outweigh governments’ good intentions, a UK Department for Science, Innovation and Technology official has warned.

25 September 2023

BNSF settles BIPA lawsuit: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 22 September 2023

The legal battle over the first BIPA jury trial appears set to conclude; US House subcommittee considers AI exploration; and book authors slam OpenAI and Meta with copyright infringement class actions.

22 September 2023

Court won’t force Covington to reveal client to the SEC – yet

The Washington, DC district court has paused a court order requiring Covington & Burling to disclose a client’s identity to the US Securities and Exchange Commission following a data breach.

22 September 2023

UK-US data bridge approved

The UK has approved its own transatlantic data adequacy agreement hot on the heels of the newly established EU-US adequacy framework.

21 September 2023

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