High Court hears telecoms hacking dispute

A telecoms company claims that it is owed more than US$45 million after it suffered a cyberattack campaign allegedly designed to induce customers to switch networks.

07 December 2022

WhatsApp bid to overturn one-stop-shop €225 million decision fails

The EU General Court has refused to hear WhatsApp’s appeal against an EDPB decision that significantly boosted a regulatory fine, stressing that the EU body did not fully dictate the final decision that imposed a nine-figure penalty.

07 December 2022

Grindr fine forwarded to Norwegian appeal board

A record million fine imposed on Grindr by the Norwegian watchdog last year has reached the next stage in the appeal process, GDR has learned.

07 December 2022

NSO group under further UK pressure

A London-based Bahraini activist has initiated legal action against the NSO Group and the Bahraini government over spyware allegations – becoming at least the fifth individual to threaten litigation against the company in the UK.

07 December 2022

hiQ ends LinkedIn scraping litigation

hiQ has agreed to pay Linkedin $500,000 and cease all scraping of user accounts on the social media platform as part of a settlement that resolves a multi-year fight that has touched every level of the US federal court system.

07 December 2022

Council approves AI Act proposal

The EU Telecommunications council has agreed to send the AI Act proposal forward to the European Parliament, but members highlighted potential areas for improvement.

06 December 2022

Ireland says Meta’s submissions included “far-reaching inaccuracies”

The Irish data regulator has said that errors in Meta's early submissions delayed the watchdog's investigation and were an aggravating factor which increased the level of the final penalty.

06 December 2022

EDPB adopts binding decisions on three Meta fines

European Data Protection Board decisions in cases against Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp could cost parent company Meta billions of euros in fines.

06 December 2022

Stakeholders voice concerns over proposed EU-US AI road map

The EU-US Trade and Technology Council has heard from stakeholders concerning the legislative and business challenges of implementing global tech standards as it prepares a transatlantic AI risk management framework.

06 December 2022

Clubhouse fined €2 million in Italy

The Italian regulator has issued Clubhouse’s US parent Alpha Exploration with a €2 million fine over its processing of user personal data, exercising the extraterritorial application of EU privacy laws.

05 December 2022

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