Australian regulator to get suite of new enforcement powers

Companies in Australia that break data privacy rules could be fined up to 10% of their annual turnover under proposed new legislation.

26 October 2021

EU to develop new SCCs for extraterritorial processing

The European Commission has confirmed that it will develop a new set of standard contractual clauses to cover non-EU processing that falls within the scope of the GDPR, raising concerns from observers.

25 October 2021

ICO issues sixth GDPR fine

The UK data watchdog’s decision to impose a penalty on an HIV charity marks the sixth time it has issued GDPR fines over a data breach.

25 October 2021

Spain fines CaixaBank €3 million

Spain’s data protection authority has handed down its third-largest fine after finding flaws in the consent acquisition language used by a CaixaBank subsidiary.

22 October 2021

Dutch watchdog denies fraud blacklist permit

The Netherlands’ data regulator has denied an interest group’s application to create a blacklist containing possible fraudsters’ personal data, which could then be shared among companies across sectors.

22 October 2021

High Court dismisses data breach claim

The High Court of England and Wales has made a rare finding that any alleged harm suffered by a data breach claimant was too trivial to be able to lead to damages.

21 October 2021

GDR explores US-China tech competition

The AI development race between the US and China could shape the geopolitical landscape for the next century, according to GDR's Q3 2021 Special Report.

21 October 2021

Council of the EU publishes conclusions on new cyber unit

The Council of the EU has cautiously approved a plan for a new entity to coordinate approaches to cybersecurity across the bloc that could see more power taken out of the hands of member states.

20 October 2021

Belgian court says data processing not prerequisite for GDPR abuse

Belgium’s supreme court has ruled that a GDPR violation can still take place even if no data processing has occurred.

20 October 2021

Enforcers back calls for joint approach to competition and data protection issues

A senior official at the UK’s competition watchdog has said enforcers should collaborate more closely with privacy regulators when tackling antitrust and data protection issues, while highlighting his agency’s efforts to bridge this gap in its probe into Google’s Privacy Sandbox.

19 October 2021

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