ECJ advocate-general opinion keeps PNR annulment hopes grounded

A European Court of Justice adviser has concluded that the transfer and processing of detailed information on aeroplane passengers is in accordance with the GDPR – so long as the data remains anonymised.

27 January 2022

Wise facing legal action over GDPR SAR breach claims

A claimant says Wise – formerly known as TransferWise – failed to provide all of his personal data in a response to his subject access request, including copies of suspicious activity reports the company filed about him.

27 January 2022

Swedish stance on article 60 cooperation gets cool reception

The Swedish regulator’s approach to article 60 of the GDPR has led to fears that it could undermine the harmonisation principle behind the legislation’s one-stop-shop.

26 January 2022

German regulators publish expert opinion on US surveillance risk

The expert opinion will guide German regulators’ approach to the risk that personal data transferred to the US will be intercepted.

26 January 2022

LexisNexis article 27 liability case settles

A lawsuit about the liability of GDPR article 27 representatives has settled out of court ahead of its January appeal date.

25 January 2022

Women in Data 2022 nominations open

Global Data Review seeks to profile the women who are making the most impactful contributions to the data community.

25 January 2022

Commission flags IOT competition concerns

The European Commission has flagged concerns over the competition advantages gained by the first movers in the Internet of Things due to the treasure trove of data they have managed to collect ahead of newer rivals.

25 January 2022

GDPR restricts beneficial ownership data use, advocate-general says

In an opinion that could restrict the dissemination of corporate ownership data, a European Court of Justice adviser has said the GDPR and fundamental rights laws should prevent member states from forcing the disclosure of any information that is not specifically ordered to be made available under EU law.

24 January 2022

Google sued for using ‘dark patterns’ to track users

A bipartisan group of US state attorneys general have accused Google of deceiving users about how it tracks them, making similar claims to those made by Arizona in a separate ongoing case.

24 January 2022

UK finance regulator to probe competition in wholesale data markets

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority said it will examine the state of competition in two separate data markets after benchmark providers and investment companies raised concerns related to high entry barriers for new entrants.

21 January 2022

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