Costs scrutinised in Equiniti lawsuit

A High Court judge today voiced concerns about a low-value data protection and misuse of private information claim that is set to rack up more than £5 million in costs.

27 February 2023

Meta to shift UK users to US terms

The UK data regulator is assessing Meta’s decision to migrate UK users from its Irish subsidiary to its US parent.

27 February 2023

Landry’s must indemnify JP Morgan after credit card data breach

The US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit ruled a hospitality chain’s contract and inadequate cybersecurity protocols forced it to indemnify credit card processing partner JP Morgan Chase after a data breach exposed thousands of credit cards.

27 February 2023

BIPA rulings could trigger deductible-busting costs and insurance litigation

Recent BIPA plaintiff-friendly Illinois Supreme Court wins will not only intensify class action lawsuits but also spur more insurance coverage court battles and insurance exclusions.

27 February 2023

TikTok under pressure from four regulators in Canada

Canadian privacy watchdogs have launched a joint investigation into TikTok’s consent and transparency practices.

24 February 2023

EU cloud banks on compliance needs

Native European cloud companies have always struggled to compete against the American hyperscalers, but as the tech sector faces an uphill 2023, cloud providers across the EU are looking to leverage regulatory needs as a competitive advantage.

24 February 2023

Lawyers slam SEC Covington subpoena

The Association of Corporate Counsel and 83 law firms have backed Covington & Burling’s challenge to a Securities and Exchange Commission attempt to obtain information about clients affected by a cyberattack.

24 February 2023

False Claims Act cybersecurity investigations forces companies’ heads out of the sand

The DOJ’s recent launch of False Claims Act investigations into federal contractors’ cybersecurity compliance is forcing many companies to proactively manage their cybersecurity.

23 February 2023

First impressions of Brazil's new data law in action

A new analysis of the Brazilian judiciary’s application of the county’s new data protection rules has found that courts have not opened the floodgates for non-material damages.

23 February 2023

Meta UK class action gets second chance at certification

A UK tribunal has refused to certify a proposed £2.2 billion antitrust class action against Meta but allowed the claimant six months to amend what it said “went very badly wrong” – while warning that part of the case appears to fall outside the tribunal’s jurisdiction altogether.

22 February 2023

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