ByteDance video editing app CapCut sued over alleged data misuse

CapCut users have filed a class action suit claiming the app shared their biometric and other personal data without their consent to unauthorised third parties – including the Chinese government.

03 August 2023

EDPB issues binding decision on TikTok fine

The European Data Protection Board has resolve disagreements between European authorities about Ireland’s enforcement action against TikTok.

03 August 2023

Judge certifies class in Thomson Reuters data selling suit

A San Francisco federal judge has certified a class of Californians who claim Thomson Reuters’ CLEAR database collected and sold their personal information without their consent.

02 August 2023

Berlin company fined over employee data processing

The Berlin state regulator has ordered an unidentified company to pay €215,000 after finding it illegally processed sensitive information about its employees during their probation period.

02 August 2023

$20 million fine proposed for poor telecoms data security

The US Federal Trade Commission is preparing to impose a $20 million fine on two telecommunications companies for failing to properly authenticate customers.

02 August 2023

Twitter sues NGO over data scraping

The company formerly known as Twitter has accused the Center for Countering Digital Hate of directly scraping data and accessing a secure database without authorisation.

02 August 2023

Generative AI’s section 230 legal immunity is unclear

Developers whose generative AI generates inaccurate or tortious content may not be able to use the section 230 protections typically invoked by other online service providers.

01 August 2023

Korea fines Meta and OpenAI

Korea’s data regulator has fined Meta for unlawfully using third-party data for targeted advertising without consent, and fined OpenAI while vowing to continue investigating AI technology.

01 August 2023

Spanish bank fined €2.5 million over AML compliance issues

The Spanish regulator fined an online bank €2.5 million after finding flaws with its anti-money laundering procedures, the authority’s highest penalty this year.

01 August 2023

Instagram to pay $68.5 million BIPA settlement

Instagram has agreed to pay $68.5 million to settle a Biometric Information Privacy Act class action in Illinois.

31 July 2023

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