Denham calls for "ethical pause" following unprecedented investigation

The UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham has said that her office’s investigation into data use for political purposes has exposed “a disturbing amount of disrespect for personal data of voters and prospective voters.”

06 November 2018

US Supreme Court quizzes lawyers on standing in Google cy pres case

US Supreme Court judges have questioned the standing rights of users suing Google for alleged data privacy violations when deciding who should receive an $8.5 million class action settlement.

05 November 2018

No harm caused by data sharing, says Facebook

Facebook’s lawyers have filed a motion to dismiss a consolidated complaint lodged against the social media platform following the Cambridge Analytica scandal on the grounds that data sharing for the purpose of targeted advertising did not cause the plaintiffs to suffer harm.

05 November 2018

European Patent Office offers guidance on AI inventions

The European Patent Office has for the first time released guidance which includes details of how to patent inventions created through artificial intelligence.

02 November 2018

Canadian court refuses to certify data leak class action

An Ontario judge has dismissed motions to certify class actions relating to a leak of patient data that affected approximately 15,000 patients at two hospitals.

02 November 2018

McSweeny worried about “divergence” on big data

A former commissioner at the Federal Trade Commission has said she is worried about regulatory agencies diverging in how they judge the conduct of the world’s dominant technology platforms.

02 November 2018

Canadian commissioner releases data breach notification guidelines

Canada's federal privacy watchdog has published guidance to help data holders comply with the country's new mandatory breach notification scheme.

01 November 2018

Single-factor authentication insufficient for sensitive data access, says Dutch regulator

The Dutch data protection watchdog has imposed a conditional fine on a public agency for its continued failure to adequately safeguard sensitive employee data.

01 November 2018

Irish watchdog to consult on children’s data issues

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission is set to look into issues relating to the specific standards of data protection applicable to children under the GDPR.

31 October 2018

Trade secrets better suited to AI inventions than patents, experts say

Rapidly changing technology, difficulties in detecting patent infringement, and finding a point of novelty associated with an AI invention make using patent protection difficult, AI IP experts have said.

31 October 2018

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