Spanish supermarket accepts hefty facial recognition fine

Mercadona has agreed to pay more than €2 million to settle proceedings with Spain’s data authority over facial recognition used in its shops.

28 July 2021

CNIL imposes seven-figure data retention fine

France’s data watchdog has fined an insurer €1.75 million for retaining millions of data subjects' data – but refrained from ordering the company to overhaul its compliance programme.

27 July 2021

DSG seeks to trim data breach litigation

Dixons Carphone has attacked a lawsuit that seeks to hold it liable for a 2017-2018 data breach.

27 July 2021

Australia warns multinationals with Uber decision

Australia’s privacy watchdog said Uber’s US parent company and Dutch subsidiary failed to protect Australian customer and driver data when it was subject to a high-profile cyberattack.

26 July 2021

US congressional staffers resume work on federal privacy legislation

Congressional staffers have resumed work on a US general data privacy framework, as stakeholders put more pressure on lawmakers to pass what they say is a necessary element to maintaining transatlantic data flows.

26 July 2021

Q&A: Handling social care data

James Robson is the DPO for research organisations specialising in social care. He spoke to GDR about the unique challenges of working with sensitive data, internal security measures, and the sector’s approach to data breaches.

26 July 2021

GDR Insight Panel: Workload, investment and regulatory burden set to increase

GDR research suggests the rollout of new data frameworks and a wave of ransomware attacks will create even more work for companies and their advisers.

23 July 2021

Data breach roundup 23 July 2021

GDR rounds up recent major data breaches – featuring NSO Group, Aramco and Morgan Stanley.

23 July 2021

TikTok receives GDPR fine

The Dutch data watchdog has ordered TikTok to pay €750,000 after finding it infringed children’s privacy rights – but the company has vowed to appeal against the penalty.

22 July 2021

US pushing to regain EU adequacy

The US is prioritising negotiations with the European Commission to reinstate a post-Schrems II transatlantic adequacy deal.

22 July 2021

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