US planning facial recognition legislation

A US House of Representatives committee intends to introduce legislation on the use of facial recognition in the “very near future”.

16 January 2020

US court approves landmark Equifax settlement

An Atlanta federal judge has blessed a $1.3 billion-plus settlement between Equifax and 147 million plaintiffs. 

16 January 2020

Google snubs ad industry with third-party cookie phaseout

Google is to phase out third-party cookies on its Chrome browser, in a move that observers say is likely to shake up the online advertising industry and could potentially drag the company into another antitrust row.

15 January 2020

ECJ advocate-general sides with activists on bulk data interception

A European Court of Justice advocate-general has urged the court to rule that indiscriminate mass retention of metadata for national security purposes violates EU law.

15 January 2020

2019 in data: surveillance

Telecommunications and other companies are subject to strict government surveillance laws that force them to retain and disclose huge volumes of data. GDR brings you 2019’s most significant developments.

15 January 2020

Court orders Telegram to release “sensitive” bank documents

A US federal judge has ordered instant messenger service Telegram to release a series of “highly sensitive” documents despite concerns over data protection issues.

15 January 2020

Activists take aim at Grindr’s adtech data practices

One of Grindr's adtech partners has temporarily cut ties with the dating app after a Norwegian consumer rights group filed three complaints with the country’s data watchdog, claiming that Grindr's data-sharing practices violate the GDPR. 

14 January 2020

YouTubers and policymakers convene on Capitol Hill

The US Federal Trade Commission’s review of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act has turned into one of the highest-profile FTC rule-making processes in decades, with hundreds of thousands of people warning the commission that COPPA could kill quality online content for kids.

14 January 2020

Community news roundup: data lawyers among partner promotions

GDR’s people news roundup sees data lawyers and specialists among the annual law firm partner promotion rounds, as well as moves in the corporate and lobbying worlds. 

14 January 2020

Facebook’s failed Italian appeal confirms data’s economic value

An Italian court has rejected an appeal by Facebook against €10 million in fines it received from the country’s competition watchdog, saying consumer protection laws also apply to the processing of personal data because of its economic value. 

13 January 2020