Google set to pay $391.5 million to settle multiple AG location suits

Google has settled location tracking lawsuits with the highest state attorney general-led privacy payout to date.

14 November 2022

Dutch government urged to scrutinise cloud policy risks

The Dutch privacy regulator has expressed concerns regarding the government’s plan to store its data with cloud services.

14 November 2022

Oracle claims class action plaintiffs lack standing

Software giant Oracle is seeking to dismiss a privacy lawsuit by claiming that the plaintiffs have no standing to bring the action, cannot justify an extraterritorial application of California law, and fail to state any claim for relief.

14 November 2022

Q&A: Canada Privacy Commissioner Philippe Dufresne

Four months into a seven-year term as Canada’s chief privacy enforcer, Philippe Dufresne tells GDR his goals for the office and the opportunities and challenges for modernising the country's federal privacy laws.

14 November 2022

Children’s data breach reveals potential UK enforcement gap

The UK’s privacy regulator has reprimanded a ministry for granting an employment screening company improper access to children’s data, but its investigation into the company was forced to end once it was dissolved.

11 November 2022

European Parliament passes NIS2 Directive

The European Parliament has given its approval to the second Network and Information Security Directive, paving the way for greater harmonisation of cybersecurity rules across the EU.

11 November 2022

GDPR consumer protection litigation right dispute returns to ECJ

The German Federal Court of Justice has asked the ECJ a second set of questions in an ongoing dispute between an association of consumer groups and Meta, in a move that could further complicate data protection litigation in the EU.

10 November 2022

Lloyd v Google: one year on

Now the dust has settled, GDR analyses the effect of the landmark Lloyd v Google judgment on the UK data protection litigation landscape.

10 November 2022

Resourcing issues pushes Belgian DPA to settlements

The Belgian data protection authority has settled with two companies over cookie infringements, citing a backlog of cases as the reason for not pursuing full enforcement action.

10 November 2022

TikTok privacy lawsuit moves forward in Dutch court

TikTok has failed to dismiss Dutch mass litigation on jurisdictional grounds.

09 November 2022

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