Study: GDPR boosted Google market share and cut third-party cookies

Google’s market share has risen “significantly” since the GDPR went into effect and led to a decrease in the number of websites placing third-party tracking cookies, a study has found.

11 March 2020

FCA to probe financial market data value

The UK financial services regulator has launched a review into the use and valuation of data in the wholesale financial services market.

10 March 2020

Clearview and Cambridge Analytica loom over LinkedIn scraping appeal

A LinkedIn US Supreme Court appeal has attacked a judgment that upheld a startup’s right to scrape its users’ public data, warning that it blocks many internet companies from relying on key federal legislation to prevent “free riding by parasitic would-be competitors”.

10 March 2020

GDPR roundup: biometrics, access rights, certification and cooperation

GDR’s latest roundup of news from European enforcers looks at regulatory developments regarding the use of biometric data, steps towards GDPR certification, subjects’ access rights and international cooperation.

10 March 2020

US health department wants more airlift data to track coronavirus

The US Department of Health & Human Services wants commercial airlines to fork over passenger data in an attempt to track people potentially exposed to the coronavirus – but some airlines say they don’t have the capacity to collect and provide the information.

10 March 2020

Revealed: Irish data regulator’s external legal costs

The Irish data protection commissioner – responsible for overseeing many of the world’s largest technology companies – spent an average of €1.14 million per year on external legal counsel in the last four years, GDR can reveal.

09 March 2020

Australian regulator sues Facebook over Cambridge Analytica

The Australian data watchdog is seeking to fine Facebook over its alleged “systemic” data protection failures during the high-profile Cambridge Analytica scandal in 2018.

09 March 2020

EU-wide calculator for GDPR fines in development

The European Data Protection Board is working on a tool to help authorities calculate fines for GDPR infractions, GDR has learned.

06 March 2020

ePrivacy proposals irk data regulator

The head of the Slovenian data protection authority has hit out at proposed amendments to the ePrivacy regulation put forward by the Council of the EU, saying the changes would water down the law.

06 March 2020

How mixing datasets could revolutionise the adtech industry

Washington, DC start-up UBDI is pairing big data with consumer-generated surveys in an attempt to innovate the targeted advertising industry and allow people to generate revenue from their own information. GDR interviewed UBDI chief executive Dana Budzyn and chief revenue officer Mark Kilaghbian about their company and how it could change the adtech space.

06 March 2020