Data, the new blood: Barriers and the future

Data is valuable both to individuals it relates to and society as a whole. What would it take for people to give their data away for free? In the final article of a three-part series on data donation, GDR investigates the barriers that get in the way of the practice and considers how it will develop.

01 September 2020

Exclusive: ICO primed to fine another company

The UK’s data watchdog has reached an advanced stage in a fourth GDPR case.

28 August 2020

Facebook unleashes fresh round of lawsuits

Facebook has sued a social media engagement bot network and an app developer for gathering user data without authorisation.

28 August 2020

One firm to rule them all: Palantir’s plan to go public

Regulatory files tied to Palantir Technologies’ planned public share offering reveal the company’s ambitions to become the US government’s sole data analytics provider.

28 August 2020

US charges Russian national over ransomware plot

The US Department of Justice has charged a Russian national with conspiring to enlist an employee of an unnamed company to install ransomware on its systems, extract data and extort a substantial ransom.

27 August 2020

LGPD will kick in within 15 working days

The months-long saga of when LGPD will come into force has concluded, with Brazil’s Senate declining to postpone the law and Brazil’s government issuing a decree that paves the way for the establishment of a data protection authority.

27 August 2020

Hamburg fights narrow processing judgment

Hamburg’s data watchdog is fighting a court ruling that stopped it from enforcing against the owner of an insolvent hospital’s premises that contained unsecured patient data.

27 August 2020

Parents urged to hand over details for TikTok class action

A Dutch privacy non-profit is collecting information from parents to bolster an impending collective lawsuit against video-sharing app TikTok which claims the app is failing to protect children.

26 August 2020

LGPD’s start date to be decided today

Brazil’s Senate has until the end of today to decide whether the LGPD should go into effect now or at the end of the year.

26 August 2020

Australian financial planner pursued over representatives’ cybersecurity

Australia’s financial regulator seeks to hold RI Advice liable for data breaches suffered by its authorised representatives.

26 August 2020

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