Edtech provider agrees to overhaul data security

Chegg will adopt new cybersecurity and data privacy measures as part of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission that alleged the company’s inadequate controls led to multiple data breaches.

31 October 2022

DCMS official highlights importance of UK adequacy

An official at the UK’s digital, culture, media and sport ministry has given a snapshot of progress on the country’s upcoming data law, noting “two additional objectives” of speedy implementation and maintenance of EU adequacy.

31 October 2022

Ryanair scraping case against survives

A US federal court has trimmed down airline Ryanair’s scraping litigation against, but allowed the CFAA lawsuit to continue overall.

31 October 2022

Australian regulator gets Optus-linked budget boost as fines set to increase

Australia’s privacy regulator has received an additional A$5.5 million (€3.5 million) to fund its Optus breach investigation, and may be granted even higher fining powers than had previously been planned.

28 October 2022

Turkey fines Meta €18.6 million for WhatsApp data policy

Turkey’s antitrust watchdog has fined Meta €18.6 million after finding the technology company abused its dominance by merging data collected through WhatsApp with its Facebook social media platform.

28 October 2022

French data controllers: time to get auditing

A September decision by France’s data regulator has proved a warning to French data controllers of the need to robustly audit data processors for GDPR compliance.

28 October 2022

ECJ rules on right to erasure from directories

The European Court of Justice has said data controllers must forward deletion requests to third-party controllers and inform relevant search engines.

27 October 2022

ECJ advocate-general validates IP address retention to fight piracy

An advisor to the European Court of Justice has argued that member states should be allowed to access and retain IP addresses in order to identify individuals responsible for intellectual property breaches.

27 October 2022

Canadian court urged to look at Google’s revenue

Interveners supporting Canada’s privacy regulator have stressed Google’s significant search engine revenue as the company attempts to persuade a Canadian court to exempt its search engine from federal data law.

27 October 2022

Google seeks PIPEDA journalism exemption

Google has told Canadian federal appeal judges that its search engine is shielded by the journalistic exemption in federal privacy law.

26 October 2022

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