UK regulated firms risk enforcement for failure to perform e-marketing data due diligence

A court's decision to uphold a fine in the financial services sector over a failure to properly scrutinise data a company bought from third parties acts as a warning to regulated firms that they must conduct proper due diligence when acquiring data assets.

06 December 2019

Facebook takes aim at ad fraud 

Facebook has sued two individuals and a company for deceptive advertising schemes that tricked users into installing malware used to take over accounts and run misleading adverts. 

06 December 2019

Outsourcer accused of data theft

A New York company has said Indian outsourcing provider Quatrro was responsible for data theft that led to the end of its relationship with Microsoft and Google.

06 December 2019

Google accused of serving scraped lyric data

A company that has built up a database of millions of song lyrics has said Google illicitly presents the data it has compiled on its search results, and has sued the tech company as well as the alleged supplier of the data in New York.

05 December 2019

US bill would require warrants for facial recognition surveillance

Legislation restricting the US federal government’s use of facial recognition software has been introduced to serve as a conversation starter for how the technology should be used by law enforcement, the bill’s bipartisan sponsors have said. 

05 December 2019

Insurer opposes data breach class action claims

An insurer has pushed back against an attempt to bring it into a data breach class action lawsuit, saying it has no duty to defend its customer.

05 December 2019

German regulators propose new IT vendor privacy obligations

The coalition of German privacy regulators has called for an update to data protection rules that would give IT producers additional responsibilities under the GDPR.

04 December 2019

TikTok data practices attacked

Popular social media platform TikTok has illicitly “vacuumed up” and transferred users’ data to Chinese servers, according to a US federal lawsuit.

04 December 2019

Brazilian prosecutor presses Facebook for data disclosure

The Brazilian federal prosecution service has told an appeals court that Facebook should be forced to disclose information for a criminal investigation.

04 December 2019

EU experts call for change on AI liability

A European Commission expert group has recommended an overhaul of liability rules for AI, including proposals for mandatory data logging and compensation for damage to information.

03 December 2019