Organisation: Data Protection Authority (Netherlands)

Russian taxi app data transfer ban lifted

The Finnish and Norwegian privacy regulators will no longer ban taxi app Yango from transferring customer data to Russia – but the case is not yet closed.

27 September 2023

The chips are down: AI newsletter 18 September 2023

Tech giants’ AI projects are being threatened with death by a thousand copyright cuts, with yet another author attaching himself to litigation against the alleged wilful pilfering of his intellectual property. But concerns over the ethics of building AI models hasn’t stopped the rush to do so, with front- and back-end companies teaming up on the next generation of the technology.

18 September 2023

New rules from Beijing and Apple enters the chatbot race: AI newsletter 24 July 2023

Welcome to GDR’s first AI newsletter, highlighting the most important policy, legal and market developments in the artificial intelligence and machine learning space from the last week. In this edition the EU and US agree to team up on oversight of AI in financial services, China releases new regulations on generative AI, and Deloitte predicts that the market will stay cool.

24 July 2023

ChatGPT faces Dutch scrutiny

The Dutch data protection authority has become the latest authority to put ChatGPT under the microscope, issuing a series of questions to OpenAI over how its model is trained and operated.

08 June 2023

Amsterdam council DPO resigns after regulatory scrutiny

The data protection officer for the city of Amsterdam has resigned in the face of allegations of a conflict of interest after the Dutch data regulator invited two of the city’s councillors to discuss the DPO’s potential lack of independence.

09 May 2023

Questions remain over use of Google in Dutch schools

The Dutch data protection authority has said that Google still has some way to go before its education services will meet the standards of data protection to be deployed in schools.

24 April 2023

Dutch bank fined for security failures

The Social Insurance Bank has been fined for failing to carry out adequate identity checks when assisting customers over the phone, putting information about their state pensions at risk.

13 April 2023

Dutch regulator says passport database is a “goldmine” for hackers

Netherland’s data regulator has criticised a legislative proposal for a centralised database storing photos, signatures and fingerprints relevant to passport documentation, saying it contains gaps in personal data protection.

30 January 2023

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