Organisation: European Commission

EDPB and European Commission officials defend the GDPR

Andrea Jelinek and Olivier Micol have rejected the criticism that the GDPR has failed, arguing that support from the European Data Protection Board and European Commission has allowed it to work as intended.

26 May 2023

Special Report: Has the GDPR failed?

The EU's modern data protection framework is five years old. Was it a game changer or a flop?

25 May 2023

Reynders confirms one-stop-shop harmonisation timeline

The European Commission aims to publish its proposal to reform the one-stop-shop process in the coming weeks, and to pass it “before the end of the current mandate.”

24 May 2023

Commission data chief said to waver on UK adequacy

A senior BT lawyer has revealed that the European Commission’s head of international data flows has concerns over whether the UK’s new data protection bill is compatible with the adequacy agreement between the two jurisdictions.

17 May 2023

European Commission faces further fire from spyware committee

Two MEPs leading a report into member states’ use of spyware have redoubled their criticism of the European institutions, alleging a chronic lack of action in addressing the abuse of Pegasus and similar technologies.

09 May 2023

Nineteen companies face extra DSA rules

Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, TikTok and Twitter are all among the first companies to be singled out under the Digital Services Act for compliance with stricter content obligations.

25 April 2023

Japan adequacy agreement review shows greater policy alignment

The European Commission’s first review of the EU-Japan adequacy agreement has found that the world’s largest safe data transfer area is functioning well, despite noting the relatively low levels of enforcement by Japan’s data regulator.

06 April 2023

Civil society and industry face off on GDPR reform

Civil society and business groups agree on the need for reform of the one-stop-shop process, but are split on areas including the role of the European Data Protection Board and the implementation of stricter timings for resolution of cross-border complaints.

27 March 2023

Details emerge of one-stop-shop overhaul

The European Commission is planning to introduce additional steps into the article 60 process to draw out prospective disagreements between member states before a draft decision is submitted – one of a suite of changes which will be proposed to make cross-border enforcement of the GDPR more efficient.

23 March 2023

EU trade hopes clash with privacy concerns

The European Commission is hoping to close a clutch of new data-heavy trade deals in 2023, but some lawmakers are concerned about compromises to citizens’ privacy rights.

21 March 2023

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