Organisation: European Data Protection Board

TikTok: EDPB binding decision process breaches EU law

TikTok has challenged the compatibility of the European Data Protection Board dispute resolution mechanism with EU fundamental rights.

28 November 2023

EDPB guidelines extend cookie consent rule to new technologies

European Data Protection Board ePrivacy Directive guidelines could extend the legislation’s application to emerging technologies.

20 November 2023

TikTok mounts double €345 million fine challenge

TikTok is appealing against its €345 million child data protection fine in the Irish and EU courts.

23 October 2023

European Union: Privacy landscape continues to evolve with new CJEU rulings

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The GDPR continues to dominate data protection and privacy requirements in the European Union. However, a final version of EDPB’s guidelines on how to calculate fines, as well as a steady stream of judgments from the CJEU, mean that rules and guidance in this space are constantly being refined.

29 September 2023

Agencies welcome one-stop-shop overhaul but warn on dispute resolution

European agencies have raised concerns about parts of the proposed harmonisation of cross-border GDPR enforcement that could restrict challenges to draft decisions.

21 September 2023

Noyb sues for access to EDPB decision files

Noyb has filed an action seeking to annul the EDPB’s refusal to provide access to a binding decision relevant to Meta.

26 June 2023

EDPB finalised guidelines provide more fining clarity

The European Data Protection Board’s finalised penalty calculation guidelines have provided further detail on issues such as turnover-related fine adjustments.

08 June 2023

EDPB and European Commission officials defend the GDPR

Andrea Jelinek and Olivier Micol have rejected the criticism that the GDPR has failed, arguing that support from the European Data Protection Board and European Commission has allowed it to work as intended.

26 May 2023

Finnish regulator becomes EDPB chief

The head of Finland’s data protection authority has been appointed as the new chair of the European Data Protection Board.

25 May 2023

Meta hit with biggest ever GDPR fine

UPDATED: Meta has been fined €1.2 billion and ordered to suspend transfers of personal data between the EU and US.

22 May 2023

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