Organisation: European Parliament

Dixon disagrees with Meta fine

The head of Ireland’s influential data regulator has defended the commission’s approach to enforcement amid ongoing criticism.

25 May 2023

ICO independence worries MEPs

Brussels lawmakers have expressed concern that the UK’s data framework overhaul could undermine the ICO’s independence.

24 May 2023

Data Privacy Framework shot down by European Parliament

The European Parliament has voted against the EU’s proposed adequacy agreement with the US in a non-binding resolution, with lawmakers signalling their disapproval of the perceived lack of legal protections for citizens.

11 May 2023

AI Act expected to pass by end of the year

Two MEPs have set out an aspirational timeline for the EU’s landmark AI legislation project, and addressed questions over high-risk AI systems and how it intends to regulate them.

10 May 2023

European Commission faces further fire from spyware committee

Two MEPs leading a report into member states’ use of spyware have redoubled their criticism of the European institutions, alleging a chronic lack of action in addressing the abuse of Pegasus and similar technologies.

09 May 2023

Adequacy proposal faces further fire from MEPs

A European Parliament committee has voted to reject the draft adequacy agreement between the EU and US, saying changes made by President Biden’s executive order don’t go far enough to address the issues in Schrems II.

13 April 2023

EU trade hopes clash with privacy concerns

The European Commission is hoping to close a clutch of new data-heavy trade deals in 2023, but some lawmakers are concerned about compromises to citizens’ privacy rights.

21 March 2023

Data Act clears the European Parliament

The European Parliament has voted through the Data Act, including additions to the European Commission’s draft that are intended to give individuals greater control over their data and to incentivise data-sharing.

14 March 2023

MEPs accuse commission of “giving up” on effective adequacy

The EDPB’s opinion on the proposed adequacy agreement between the EU and US has added fuel to the fire for MEPs accusing the European Commission of putting politics ahead of EU citizens’ rights.

01 March 2023

MEPs take aim at proposed Privacy Shield replacement

Brussels lawmakers accused the proposed adequacy agreement between the EU and US of falling far short of issues raised by Schrems II.

16 February 2023

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