Organisation: Federal Trade Commission (USA)

FTC argues Meta must face privacy order modifications

The FTC has urged the DC appellate court to reject Meta’s latest attempt to block an update of its $5 billion privacy order.

07 December 2023

Anthropic’s venue request: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 1 December 2023

AI company Anthropic argues it should face a generative AI lawsuit in a different location; plaintiffs want a second shot at their claims Twitter deceptively obtained their phone number for targeted advertising; and a Cooley partner takes her defence of Midjourney AI litigation to her new firm.

01 December 2023

Meta again attempts to block FTC enforcement

Meta has opened a second front in its bid to stop the Federal Trade Commission from altering its $5 billion Cambridge Analytica settlement with the company by arguing that the agency’s structure violates the US Constitution.

30 November 2023

FTC reiterates AI focus with streamlined investigations

The FTC’s decision to ease its AI investigation process is the latest example of the regulator positioning itself as the top US AI enforcer.

29 November 2023

Meta bid to block FTC enforcement shift fails

A federal judge has said he lacks authority to stop the Federal Trade Commission from altering its $5 billion Meta settlement.

28 November 2023

More rules, fewer deals: AI newsletter 27 November 2023

AI continues to be affected or unaffected by the general downturn in tech investment, depending on how you look at: deals by volume are down compared to Q2, while the total value of all funding has risen slightly. Elsewhere 19 countries have signed a joint agreement on guidelines for secure AI system development – a spark of international cooperation following the Bletchley promises.

27 November 2023

FTC eases AI investigation process

The Federal Trade Commission has allowed its staff to issue information requests without prior authorisation in AI-related cases.

22 November 2023

Court rejects X’s motion to axe FTC settlement

A judge has said a federal court cannot modify or terminate the Federal Trade Commission’s Twitter deal.

20 November 2023

Morgan Stanley settlement: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 17 November 2023

A judge declines to dismiss Meta’s NSO Group lawsuit; six attorney general offices secure a settlement over Morgan Stanley 2016 data incidents; and big names join the new Data Protection Review Court.

17 November 2023

Things fell apart: AI newsletter 13 November 2023

The EU has long planned to be a major force in the regulation of AI. Its AI Act framework now appears to be at risk following a negotiation deadlock – which could give other countries’ frameworks and supranational bodies’ guidance folks more opportunities to set the global tone.

13 November 2023

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