Organisation: Federal Trade Commission (USA)

FTC Edmodo order highlights risk of outsourcing parental consent

An FTC settlement with edtech provider Edmodo highlights that obtaining verifiable parental consent before collecting children’s data is an onerous but crucial step the edtech industry cannot avoid.

25 May 2023

FTC to expand Health Breach Notification Rule

Proposed amendments to the Health Breach Notification Rule could strengthen a measure that has recently become a go-to enforcement tool in Federal Trade Commission health data cases.

24 May 2023

FTC: COPPA doesn’t block state law claims

Federal children’s privacy legislation does not prevent private litigants from seeking damages under similar state law, the Federal Trade Commission has told an appeals court overseeing a Google class action.

23 May 2023

FTC’s biometric data warning: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 22 May 2023

The FTC to investigate risky biometric practices; DOJ goes after alleged international ransomware hacker; New York Times says the California Age Appropriate Design Code Act limits free speech.

22 May 2023

Premom stops health data sharing in FTC and state AG deal

Ovulation-tracking app Premom has agreed to stop sharing users’ health data for advertising purposes to settle FTC and three state attorneys-general claims that it shared user health information without consent – including to a pair of China-based developers.

18 May 2023

FTC may face overreach claims in Meta row

The FTC’s unusual overhaul of Meta privacy settlements could face challenges and questioning from federal courts.

11 May 2023

FTC Kochava enforcement dismissed but fix allowed

A federal judge has dismissed key parts of the US Federal Trade Commission’s litigation against location data broker Kochava, but has granted the agency leave to amend its complaint despite being sceptical that one of its deficiencies could be cured.

09 May 2023

FTC plans further Meta restrictions after alleged settlement violations

The Federal Trade Commission has accused Meta of violating the terms of its $5 billion Cambridge Analytica settlement, and has moved to restrict the company from releasing new products and monetising minors’ data.

04 May 2023

SCOTUS Chevron case could dampen FTC activity

The US Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case that could lead to it overturning the Chevron doctrine – a move that would limit the Federal Trade Commission’s burgeoning data privacy and cybersecurity enforcement and rulemaking.

03 May 2023

FTC’s generative AI warning: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 2 May 2023

The FTC highlights generative AI risk; the LabMD saga continues; and Utah updates its data breach notification law.

02 May 2023

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