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Prominent plaintiff firm cries foul over $100 million Google settlement

Edelson has said requirements for confirming class members’ identities in Google's $100 million BIPA settlement unfairly exclude many plaintiffs from accessing payouts.

27 March 2023

Congress attempts FISA s702 reauthorisation: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alerts 27 March 2023

Lawmakers team up to renew the federal government’s warrantless surveillance law; Utah enacts a law cracking down on addictive social media features; and the University of Florida is hit with a Video Privacy Protection Act class action.

27 March 2023

Google again seeks to throw out Incognito tracking lawsuit

Google has argued that almost three years of discovery have shown that it never promised not to collect data from users who used the Chrome browser private browsing mode.

23 March 2023

Google offers to settle Italian data portability probe

Google has offered to facilitate the export of data collected through its services by third parties in a bid to end an Italian antitrust investigation.

22 March 2023

Google and DeepMind UK class action viable, claimant insists

Counsel to representative claimant Andrew Prismall has urged the High Court to allow an opt-out claim against Google and DeepMind to continue to trial and distinguished it from the landmark Lloyd v Google claim.

22 March 2023

Google fights UK health data class action

The High Court of England and Wales has heard arguments in a representative action against DeepMind and its parent company Google over the alleged misuse of NHS patients’ private information.

21 March 2023

TikTok’s newest wiretapping lawsuit: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alerts 6 March 2023

TikTok was sued in a Pennsylvania federal court over wiretap claims; Democrats propose banning the use of personally identifiable health data for commercial advertising; a Senate Republican introduces data privacy Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act amendments; and investors in a software company sue over its company’s alleged misuse of Meta’s platforms.

06 March 2023

Google secures win in private browsing class action

A San Francisco federal judge has refused to overturn a decision denying claimants class action status for damages in a lawsuit against Google’s Chrome Incognito mode tracking practices.

03 March 2023

Supreme Court hesitates to limit protections against liability for third-party content

The US Supreme Court today appeared reluctant to limit companies’ Section 230 protections to avoid opening a “world of lawsuits” against online platforms over their third-party content.

21 February 2023

GoodRx, Meta and Google slammed with class action over health data sharing

A class action lawsuit has been filed against GoodRx over its sharing of users’ medication purchases and other sensitive information, seeking over $5 million in damages.

06 February 2023

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