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Google tracking settlement could fetch privacy NGOs $62 million – and nothing for plaintiffs

Attorneys have agreed to pay privacy-focused nonprofits $62 million to settle Google cellphone location-tracking claims, but members of the plaintiff class are set to receive no cash payments.

19 September 2023

Google pays $93 million over location privacy claim

The California Attorney General’s Office has secured a $93 million settlement and new location-tracking features for all US Google account holders.

15 September 2023

Dutch privacy class action wave hits Google and Twitter

Big Tech companies continue to face a series of mass claims in the Netherlands, with Google and Twitter being the latest to face NGO-led representative action lawsuits.

14 September 2023

Google can’t avoid injunctive relief remedy in Texas biometric case

A Texas judge has denied Google’s request to dismiss an injunction request under the state’s biometric law.

31 August 2023

AI is a monkey taking a selfie: AI newsletter 21 August 2023

Not content with seizing the spotlight for its November summit on AI, the UK government is pushing forward on its AI agenda by announcing a new set of funding and trailing an update to its policy white paper. On the commercial side, the big names in AI are struggling to retain top talent as a wealth of opportunities prompt innovators to set up their own smaller, faster-moving enterprises.

21 August 2023

US moves against China and Google sings for its supper: AI newsletter 14 August 2023

The summer slowdown has done little to touch AI. Hundreds of millions of dollars are still pouring into the highest profile companies, while the US wields its executive might to try and divert that stream away from Beijing.

14 August 2023

Google fails to shake Incognito tracking lawsuit

A California federal judge has rejected Google’s attempt to throw out a $5 billion class action alleging the internet giant deceptively collected user data through its incognito mode.

08 August 2023

Blackstone’s billions and the AI company that never was: AI newsletter 7 August 2023

The flood of public statements by tech companies seeking to preserve as much freedom as possible without setting themselves wholly at odds with governments over regulation continues, as those authorities cast around for views on just what regulation would even look like. The money, as always, speaks louder, and the biggest global companies are turning their attention to what AI could mean for their bottom line.

07 August 2023

Italy accepts Google’s data-sharing settlement

Italy’s antitrust regulator has ended an abuse of dominance investigation into Google by accepting its commitment to open up data sharing to third parties.

31 July 2023

Big Tech financials and global conversations: AI newsletter 31 July 2023

While Microsoft and Meta give proof, if proof were needed, of the scale of the costs involved in making AI a daily reality, the House of Lords discussed its application in intelligence-gathering and Amazon made another foray into the healthcare sector.

31 July 2023

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