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More Splunk for your buck: AI newsletter 25 September 2023

While industry voices continue to back the merits of open source large language model development, the money continues to flow to a few familiar names while the less familiar ones get snapped up. Cisco has just handed over the GDP of Honduras for AI-driven cybersecurity (and much else) provider Splunk, while familiar face Anthropic AI gets a $4 billion cash injection from Amazon. On the regulatory side, tinkering continues at the edges of the EU AI Act while the US gets another legislative proposal to add to its deck.

25 September 2023

BNSF settles BIPA lawsuit: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 22 September 2023

The legal battle over the first BIPA jury trial appears set to conclude; US House subcommittee considers AI exploration; and book authors slam OpenAI and Meta with copyright infringement class actions.

22 September 2023

Meta attacks Sarah Silverman lawsuit

Meta has sought to dismiss the bulk of a book authors’ class action targeting its LLaMA large language model.

19 September 2023

The chips are down: AI newsletter 18 September 2023

Tech giants’ AI projects are being threatened with death by a thousand copyright cuts, with yet another author attaching himself to litigation against the alleged wilful pilfering of his intellectual property. But concerns over the ethics of building AI models hasn’t stopped the rush to do so, with front- and back-end companies teaming up on the next generation of the technology.

18 September 2023

Meta faces another AI copyright class action

Authors including Pulitzer winner Michael Chabon have accused Meta of illegally feeding their published works into its large language model – the latest in a slew of litigation filed against major AI operators.

13 September 2023

Meta Pixel healthcare class action survives

A judge has refused to fully dismiss a class action alleging Meta’s Pixel collected healthcare data without consent.

08 September 2023

Meta bid to delay Norway targeted advertising ban fails

A Norwegian court has upheld an order temporarily banning behavioural advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

06 September 2023

Meta faces new BIPA lawsuit

Illinois residents allege Meta’s Messenger app collects users' and non-users' biometric data without their permission in violation of the Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA).

05 September 2023

Google can’t avoid injunctive relief remedy in Texas biometric case

A Texas judge has denied Google’s request to dismiss an injunction request under the state’s biometric law.

31 August 2023

Selling shovels in the goldrush: AI newsletter 29 August 2023

OpenAI, still the wellspring of much of the enthusiasm around generative artificial intelligence thanks to the popularity of its ChatGPT models, is facing continued criticism, with formal complaints filed against it in the EU and Stanford researchers casting aspersions on its reliability. Meanwhile Arm and Nvidia, two of the biggest producers of the chips that underpin AI technologies, respectively announced a landmark IPO and doubling of year-on-year revenue.

29 August 2023

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