Organisation: National Commission on Information and Liberties (France)

More rules, fewer deals: AI newsletter 27 November 2023

AI continues to be affected or unaffected by the general downturn in tech investment, depending on how you look at: deals by volume are down compared to Q2, while the total value of all funding has risen slightly. Elsewhere 19 countries have signed a joint agreement on guidelines for secure AI system development – a spark of international cooperation following the Bletchley promises.

27 November 2023

CNIL issues series of fines under simplified procedure

France’s data regulator has fined 10 companies under its new simplified procedure, addressing GDPR infringements including employee geolocation and video surveillance.

08 November 2023

CNIL fines broadcaster

France’s data regulator has fined Canal+ for breaches including commercial prospecting without consent and failing to report a data breach.

19 October 2023

The first alignment: AI newsletter 16 October 2013

While concerns over the level of investment into new AI companies continue to bubble up, the biggest companies are happier than ever to turn their budgets to implementing the technology internally – fewer LLMs, but probably a lot more chatbots instead of helplines. The G7’s slow march towards consensus continues, with the EU deigning to give companies a couple of weeks in which to offer their thoughts on what new guidance should look like.

16 October 2023

CNIL fines air freight company over employee privacy

SAF Logistics has been fined for failing to protect employee data and for providing France’s data regulator with improper evidence during the investigation.

29 September 2023

Noyb launches new attack on mobile app tracking

Privacy NGO noyb has filed complaints with France’s data protection authority against mobile app providers, claiming they illegally access and share user data with third parties for tracking purposes.

14 September 2023

Big Tech financials and global conversations: AI newsletter 31 July 2023

While Microsoft and Meta give proof, if proof were needed, of the scale of the costs involved in making AI a daily reality, the House of Lords discussed its application in intelligence-gathering and Amazon made another foray into the healthcare sector.

31 July 2023

New rules from Beijing and Apple enters the chatbot race: AI newsletter 24 July 2023

Welcome to GDR’s first AI newsletter, highlighting the most important policy, legal and market developments in the artificial intelligence and machine learning space from the last week. In this edition the EU and US agree to team up on oversight of AI in financial services, China releases new regulations on generative AI, and Deloitte predicts that the market will stay cool.

24 July 2023

ECJ to resolve GDPR minimisation and accuracy issues

A French court has referred questions on the scope of the GDPR's data minimisation and accuracy principles following a dispute over the collection of gender data during train ticket purchases.

03 July 2023

CNIL slashes Criteo fine by a third

In a decision that may create new audit requirements for French adtech companies, the regulator today fined Criteo €40 million for carrying out targeted advertisement without users’ consent – significantly less than the €60 million fine it proposed imposing in August 2022.

22 June 2023

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