Organisation: OpenAI

BNSF settles BIPA lawsuit: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 22 September 2023

The legal battle over the first BIPA jury trial appears set to conclude; US House subcommittee considers AI exploration; and book authors slam OpenAI and Meta with copyright infringement class actions.

22 September 2023

Polish regulator investigates OpenAI

Poland’s data protection authority is looking into OpenAI following a complaint over the company’s processing of personal data.

20 September 2023

OpenAI and Microsoft data harvesting class action dropped

Plaintiffs have voluntarily dismissed a class action alleging OpenAI steals internet users’ personal data to develop its software.

18 September 2023

Tencent enters the arms race: AI newsletter 11 September 2023

The importance of marching in lockstep to develop harmonised standards for AI continues to be on the lips of every politician in front of a microphone, while at home governments are busy doing whatever they think best – the UK with its new safety evaluation process, the US with yet another boldly bipartisan proposal, and Japan with a new proposal for some guidelines. Meanwhile, yet another global tech giant has deployed a large language model.

11 September 2023

OpenAI hit with another US privacy challenge

ChatGPT’s developer is once again being accused of disregarding privacy laws and harvesting personal data without obtaining informed user consent to develop its AI products.

07 September 2023

Regulators get back in business: AI newsletter 4 September 2023

With the long summer holidays finally over, authorities and governments have hit the ground running. Spain has launched the EU’s first dedicated agency for overseeing AI, the Netherlands has called for more control over the technology, and the UK is hanging up the bunting for its international AI conference in November.

04 September 2023

OpenAI targeted by Polish complaint

The developer of ChatGPT is being accused of processing personal data without the proper consent and of failing to adequately protect user data.

30 August 2023

Selling shovels in the goldrush: AI newsletter 29 August 2023

OpenAI, still the wellspring of much of the enthusiasm around generative artificial intelligence thanks to the popularity of its ChatGPT models, is facing continued criticism, with formal complaints filed against it in the EU and Stanford researchers casting aspersions on its reliability. Meanwhile Arm and Nvidia, two of the biggest producers of the chips that underpin AI technologies, respectively announced a landmark IPO and doubling of year-on-year revenue.

29 August 2023

OpenAI seeks to trim Sarah Silverman lawsuit

ChatGPT’s creator has rejected allegations that the AI system’s outputs vicariously infringe copyright in works by book authors.

29 August 2023

Generative AI’s section 230 legal immunity is unclear

Developers whose generative AI generates inaccurate or tortious content may not be able to use the section 230 protections typically invoked by other online service providers.

01 August 2023

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