Organisation: US Securities and Exchange Commission

Court won’t force Covington to reveal client to the SEC – yet

The Washington, DC district court has paused a court order requiring Covington & Burling to disclose a client’s identity to the US Securities and Exchange Commission following a data breach.

22 September 2023

Covington client seeks to block law firm’s disclosures to SEC

A Covington & Burling client has filed an emergency motion to challenge a court order forcing the firm to reveal the identities of potentially hacked clients.

20 September 2023

Companies may face cybersecurity lawsuits without D&O insurance protection

Directors and officers insurance policies may not shield boards from litigation stemming from the SEC’s new cybersecurity disclosure rules.

29 August 2023

SEC finalises four-day cybersecurity incident reporting rule

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has passed cybersecurity rules that are less restrictive than an earlier proposal but still put significant disclosure requirements onto public companies.

28 July 2023

SEC to receive Covington hacked client information

A district court has ordered Covington & Burling to send the US Securities and Exchange Commission the identity of seven clients whose information may have been accessed in a cyberattack.

25 July 2023

FTC’s Pixel, Google Analytics warning letters: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 24 July 2023

The FTC and US Department of Health and Human Services sent 130-plus hospital systems and telehealth providers letters regarding Meta Pixel, Google Analytics and other online analytics tools’ potential privacy risks; and the European Commission and the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are informally teaming up to tackle financial institutions’ potential privacy risks.

24 July 2023

Congress proposes international transfer limitations: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 20 June 2023

Senators and Representatives seek to restrict the transfer of Americans’ sensitive data abroad; Warner Bros. privacy lead joins Proskauer Rose; and Congress proposes stripping generative AI of some of its section 230 immunity.

20 June 2023

SCOTUS: FTC’s authority can be challenged in district courts

The Supreme Court has provided another route to challenge the FTC’s and other government agencies’ enforcement orders.

17 April 2023

New SEC cybersecurity requirements: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 20 March 2023

The SEC suggests new cybersecurity protocols and reporting; Kentucky senators pass a data privacy bill; the FTC investigates social media companies’ advertising businesses; and TikTok’s chief executive is set to be grilled by a House committee.

20 March 2023

SEC rejects Covington battle against data breach client disclosure

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has reaffirmed its push for an order compelling Covington & Burling to provide the identities of clients that suffered a data breach.

15 March 2023

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