Long-running contentions linger in US data privacy bill

The recent markup of a data privacy bill revealed pre-emption, a private right of action and defining companies’ obligations are still lingering points of contention for passing a national data privacy law.

24 June 2022

Canada’s proposed data privacy law adds AI and softened consent

Canada's recently introduced Digital Charter Implementation Act 2022 may avoid the fate of its 2020 predecessor by striking the balance between consumer and business interests needed to become law.

23 June 2022

Hesse devises Schrems-compliant Zoom use

Hesse’s data watchdog has approved a workaround for universities looking to use video-conferencing services in the wake of the Schrems II decision.

20 June 2022

Policymakers on what’s next for EU data protection enforcement

Members of the European Commission and Parliament have shared their views on the future of the GDPR in the EU and beyond – including harmonisation, regulatory cooperation, and the need to review the legislation.

20 June 2022

EDPS calls for centralisation

Wojciech Wiewiórowski has called for a “pan-European model” to counter issues with GDPR enforcement, and proposed the creation of a body dedicated to handling the most significant cross-border investigations.

17 June 2022

UK reveals more about data protection reform

The UK’s digital, culture, media and sport ministry has confirmed that future UK data laws will cut down on cookie consent pop-ups, push the Information Commissioner’s Office to promote innovation, reduce DPO requirements and simplify rules applying to research data.

16 June 2022

Industry and consumer advocates voice concerns over draft US privacy bill

Activists and industry groups agree that the American Data Privacy and Protection Act needs fine-tuning and clarification to mould the proposed legislation into a meaningful and feasible law.

15 June 2022

ICO to get funding boost under new fine retention rule

The UK’s data protection authority will be allowed to keep some of the fines it imposes under new measures which could strengthen the regulator.

15 June 2022

German authorities receive expert opinion on expanding cooperation

An expert opinion will guide German regulators’ approach to strengthening cooperation between the federal and state bodies.

15 June 2022

UK announces new light-touch digital strategy

The UK government has published a new digital strategy, committing to an outcomes-based regulatory regime and debuting a framework for measuring the project’s success.

13 June 2022

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