UK Huawei deal raises GDPR red flags, senior Microsoft counsel warns

Given the Chinese government’s strict data localisation laws and penchant for centralising data in the name of AI, a senior counsel at Microsoft has questioned how Huawei’s 5G project in the UK will comply with the GDPR.

21 February 2020

California auditor lambasts police for mishandling surveillance data

A Californian audit has identified numerous flaws in how local law enforcement agencies collect, handle, and disseminate images captured by their automated licence plate readers.

20 February 2020

EU could demand review of AIs before market entry

The European Commission’s new AI regulatory framework could lead to forced inspection of  AIs’ datasets and algorithms before they can operate in Europe.

19 February 2020

EU considers forced data sharing

The European Commission may boost both forced and compulsory corporate data sharing, in a move aimed to encourage the use and re-use of data across the bloc.

19 February 2020

Tight timeline for ambitious US military cybersecurity plan

The US Department of Defense is requiring its roughly 350,000 military contractors to have their cybersecurity systems independently assessed to be eligible for future projects.

18 February 2020

Hamburg regulator calls for “legal reorientation” of the GDPR

Hamburg’s data regulator has said the GDPR’s one-stop-shop mechanism is “cumbersome, time-consuming and ineffective”, leaving many decisions “on ice”.

14 February 2020

Cookies continue to crumble

An influential advertising trade body has followed Google’s suit and publicly turned its back on third-party cookies – in a move likely to sound the death knell for the ubiquitous data-gathering technology.

14 February 2020

Bavaria’s new data regulator keeps fingers crossed for Schrems reversal

Michael Will has just started a five-year tenure as Bavaria’s data protection chief. He spoke to GDR about cooperation, consistency and contractual clauses.

13 February 2020

FTC to probe the value of Big Tech’s data

A US Federal Trade Commission investigation will force five major technology companies to reveal the value of data they acquired through the purchase of smaller businesses.

12 February 2020

Bavaria data chief “worried” about Schrems II responsibilities

The head of Bavaria’s data protection authority has told GDR that he is concerned about new obligations that Schrems II could impose on regulators.

12 February 2020