US health department won’t penalise breaches during covid-19 crisis

The US Department of Health and Human Services will not enforce against healthcare providers that suffer a data breach while using telemedicine in “good faith” during the covid-19 pandemic, according to guidance released by the HHS Office for Civil Rights.

27 March 2020

Covid-19: US lawmakers seek regulatory guidance for online schooling

Three Democratic senators have asked the US Federal Trade Commission and Department of Education to develop guidelines for the use of online education platforms, raising concerns that student privacy could be at risk while using these tools from home during the covid-19 crisis.

27 March 2020

Apple further limits data collection

Third-party cookies will now be blocked on Apple’s browser Safari – another blow to the companies that use the technology to collect data about web users.

26 March 2020

German watchdog hits back at coronavirus draft law

Germany’s federal data regulator has warned against proposed powers to combat the spread of covid-19 – saying the amendments to the country’s emergency health law curtail fundamental rights.

26 March 2020

French cookie consent policy delayed again

France’s data regulator will put its stricter tracking cookie guidelines on hold – having already delayed implementing them for almost a year.

25 March 2020

The Dutch battle over legitimate interests

Recent enforcement by the Dutch data protection authority has cemented its restrictive interpretation of the GDPR’s “legitimate interests” provision, leading to a clash between the regulator and those who say the decision contradicts the text of the landmark law.

24 March 2020

Bremen data regulator stifled by lack of resources

The head of a German state data protection authority has complained the watchdog has been held back from enforcing the GDPR due to a lack of resources – but has promised more action soon.

24 March 2020

Covid-19 will not delay CCPA enforcement

The California Consumer Privacy Act will go ahead as planned, despite growing calls from businesses and trade bodies to delay its enforcement in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, GDR can reveal.

23 March 2020

Connecticut private labs ordered to turn over covid-19 testing data

Connecticut governor Ned Lamont has ordered private labs to provide their coronavirus testing data to the state’s public health department.

23 March 2020

Trump blocks Chinese acquisition of US tech start-up

Citing data privacy and national security concerns, US President Donald Trump has blocked a Chinese company from acquiring a US tech startup and accessing its data – a decision the companies say they disagree with, but nevertheless will abide by.

20 March 2020