Digital Markets Act passes EU council, but scope could still increase

While European ministers are broadly enthusiastic about the Digital Markets Act, some are already preparing for a battle over the respective roles of the European Commission and national authorities.

25 November 2021

Final version of Digital Markets Act casts a wide net

The European Parliament is set to agree on a text for the Digital Markets Act that would see a broader definition of a 'gatekeeper' than some lawmakers had hoped for.

22 November 2021

EDPB clarifies GDPR data transfers

European data protection regulators have appeared to support the development of new standard contractual clauses for non-EU processing in draft guidelines that clarify personal data transfers under the GDPR.

22 November 2021

China eyes additional data security rules

The Chinese data watchdog is proposing a host of new compliance measures for organisations processing data in China and beyond, including a framework for classifying data and new requirements for data controllers.

16 November 2021

Belgian DPA under fire from European Commission

The European Commission has threatened Belgium with legal action after finding its data protection authority is insufficiently independent.

15 November 2021

Snapchat sued after Apple privacy changes tank share price

A class action lawsuit says Snapchat misled investors about the impact Apple’s privacy changes would have on the company’s ad business.

15 November 2021

Report reveals scope of booming spyware industry

As policymakers struggle to regulate an expanding private surveillance industry and prevent another Pegasus scandal, a recent report seeks to answer the important questions: just how big is the spyware sector, and who are the main players?

12 November 2021

Israel eyes reform as EU reviews adequacy decision

Israel’s government is considering a raft of amendments to the country’s privacy law that would include an expansion of its regulator’s enforcement powers.

09 November 2021

Future of AI regulation becomes GDPR battleground

MEPs have pushed back against assertions that new AI legislation will involve a reassessment of the GDPR’s accomplishments, arguing that the landmark legislation will still be relevant in the next phase of data regulation.

09 November 2021

German government says GDPR fines can’t be directly issued against companies

Germany’s Federal Ministry of the Interior has sided with a previous German court decision that would limit the availability of corporate GDPR fines.

08 November 2021

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