Nigeria hits fintech platform with privacy fine

Nigeria’s data watchdog has fined lending platform SokoLoan for a slew of violations of the country’s privacy legislation.

20 August 2021

China gives apps one week to fix data use

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) warned 43 apps, including Tencent, over their use of personal data – giving them one week to comply.

19 August 2021

Q&A: San Marino DPA chief Nicola Fabiano

Nicola Fabiano is the first president of San Marino’s data watchdog. In the wake of the regulator’s record Facebook fine, Fabiano spoke to GDR about privacy rules for emerging technologies, and changing attitudes to data protection.

16 August 2021

Data shows one-stop-shop development and regulators’ appeal failures

New data covering the first three years of GDPR enforcement suggests that some European data protection authorities are struggling to make their fines stick – and that the one-stop-shop’s centre of gravity may be shifting away from Ireland.

13 August 2021

Facebook to pay record San Marino fine

San Marino's data authority has slapped the social media giant with its highest-ever fines for failing to prevent data scraping and verify the ages of minors using the platform.

12 August 2021

China seeks to rein in facial recognition

China’s highest court has issued facial recognition guidelines that clarify how operators can use the controversial technology.

11 August 2021

Japan revised guidelines tighten data security

Guidelines published to supplement Japan’s data privacy law will increase the compliance burden for organisations engaging in data transfers and processing, but also provides necessary clarifications.

09 August 2021

Australia takes steps towards ransomware payment reporting

Australia’s parliament is considering a bill that would force companies that pay ransomware attackers to file mandatory reports to a regulator. DLA Piper senior associate Sarah Birkett unpacks the proposed legislation.

06 August 2021

Deliveroo fined for rider data algorithms

Italy’s data watchdog has criticised food delivery platform Deliveroo for a lack of algorithmic transparency and a disproportionate collection of rider data.

04 August 2021

Selling UK adequacy after sunset

Organisations relying on the free flow of personal data between the EEA and the UK have weathered a turbulent few years – and features like the sunset clauses in the UK adequacy decisions mean some uncertainty is set to persist, say Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner partner Kate Brimsted and senior associate Tom Evans.

03 August 2021

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