Florida privacy legislation to hinge on enforcement debate – again

Florida’s legislature surprised observers in 2021 with how close it came to passing privacy legislation. An expert involved in last year’s debate gives it a coin flip as to whether lawmakers will finish what they started.

19 January 2022

Business models in doubt under DGA

The Data Governance Act is intended to help create a market for data intermediaries, but some of the companies supposed to act as models for this activity have poured cold water on the concept.

17 January 2022

ECJ to weigh in on DPO dismissals

The European Court of Justice is set to clarify the conditions under which data protection officers can be dismissed, following three separate referrals from the German federal labour court.

14 January 2022

Arizona bill would ban taxpayer-funded ransomware payments

Cybersecurity experts say an Arizona proposal to ban publicly funded ransomware payments is a step in the right direction, but needs to be coupled with IT upgrades for public agencies.

13 January 2022

Adapting the GDPR to Rwanda’s goals

The Republic of Rwanda’s new data protection law is based on the GDPR, but with a different approach to international data transfers that reflects the country's digital ambitions.

07 January 2022

Executives held personally liable in FTC privacy action

Owners of a loan application website have agreed to pay $1.5 million and implement privacy reforms to settle US Federal Trade Commission allegations that they duped customers into disclosing sensitive data for potential lenders – but an FTC commissioner has cautioned her colleagues against being overzealous in pursuing individual liability in these types of cases.

07 January 2022

FTC releases more redacted Facebook privacy audit records

The US Federal Trade Commission has released the remainder of an independent audit of Facebook’s privacy programme, but the heavily redacted report continues to reveal little about purported improvements made by the company since the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

04 January 2022

Ransomware rulings leave insurance industry in flux

Several recent US court decisions have put insurers on the hook for ransomware attacks, threatening to upend an area of law that was thought to be settled.

09 December 2021

Danish regulator gets funding increase

Denmark’s privacy watchdog is set to gain 16.8 million kroner (€2.2 million) over the next four years – but the additional funds are earmarked for guidance and advice rather than enforcement.

08 December 2021

New data protection standards to combat sport manipulation

The Council of Europe’s Convention 108 committee has adopted a new framework to protect privacy and personal data during efforts to tackle sport competition manipulation.

08 December 2021

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