SolarWinds hack didn’t compromise HHS healthcare data

While the SolarWinds hack affected some 18,000 computer networks and compromised an untold amount of data, the US Department of Health and Human Services has said that it was largely unscathed by the cyberattack.

12 May 2021

Enforcement debate stalls Florida privacy legislation

Florida’s legislature has adjourned for the year without passing privacy legislation after failing to agree on whether to include a private right of action – the same roadblock that has stalled efforts in other US jurisdictions.

04 May 2021

Florida Senate passes privacy bill without private right of action

Florida’s Senate has passed a consolidated privacy bill and sent the proposal back to the state’s House of Representatives for a final decision tomorrow – the last day before lawmakers adjourn for the year.

29 April 2021

ICO: Lloyd v Google will affect investigations

The Information Commissioner’s Office has said the Lloyd v Google outcome could harm the regulator’s enforcement powers – with its counsel confirming that the ICO chose not to enforce against Google over the Safari Workaround.

29 April 2021

Industry-friendly Washington data legislation fails for third time

Washington’s legislature has adjourned for the year, closing with it any remaining chance for the state to implement comprehensive privacy legislation in 2021.

27 April 2021

US states sue federal government over census privacy plans

Alabama’s attorney general has sued the US federal government over its plan to anonymise census data, arguing that a lack of detailed local population information will skew efforts to accurately redraw voting districts.

26 April 2021

Apple app tracking rules rollout approaches

Apple will launch a feature next week that will require mobile app operators using Apple’s operating system to get permission from users to track them.

23 April 2021

US senators propose restricting data broker sales to government

A coalition of bipartisan US senators have introduced the Fourth Amendment Is Not for Sale Act, which would create warrant requirements for government agencies to purchase geolocation information and other data from brokers.

23 April 2021

Panama data protection law goes into effect

Panama’s new data protection law is loosely based on GDPR, but it offers wide exemptions for big tech companies and the financial sector.

22 April 2021

EU unveils long-awaited AI regulation

The European Commission has formally proposed a new law regulating artificial intelligence, in a major data policy development which includes scope for fines even higher than those available through the GDPR.

21 April 2021

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