EU unveils long-awaited AI regulation

The European Commission has formally proposed a new law regulating artificial intelligence, in a major data policy development which includes scope for fines even higher than those available through the GDPR.

21 April 2021

Judgement day for UK class actions approaches

All eyes are on an upcoming UK Supreme Court hearing that will make or break multiple UK data protection class actions. GDR analyses the case and its consequences for billions of pounds’ worth of litigation.

21 April 2021

Denham: “I don’t like to be in the business of issuing fines”

Following signals from the UK government that it plans to direct its regulator to shift focus away from enforcement, outgoing UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham has said she prefers the authority to work with companies than fine them.

20 April 2021

EDPB: international agreements need to be reviewed

The European Data Protection Board has urged EU national governments to review international agreements in areas as diverse as tax and police cooperation to check for clashes with the GDPR and the Schrems II judgment.

19 April 2021

Biden administration mulls an end to TikTok and WeChat litigation

The Biden administration has said that it may end Trump’s campaign to ban TikTok and WeChat from the US.

19 April 2021

Japan’s data regulator beefs up

The Japanese data protection authority has received a budget boost following a high-profile data scandal in the country.

19 April 2021

US and UK blame SolarWinds hack on Russian government

US President Joe Biden has expelled 10 Russian diplomats and imposed a new round of sanctions on the country after the FBI and two other agencies determined that Russia’s government helped facilitate the SolarWinds hack.

16 April 2021

Google misled users over location data, Australian court rules

An Australian court has ruled that Google misled users over the collection of location data on its Android operating system, delivering a partial victory for the Australian competition authority in a “world-first” case.

16 April 2021

EDPB cautiously blesses UK adequacy

EU data protection authorities have given the go-ahead to the European Commission’s decision to approve data flows to the UK – but urged the commission to keep a close watch on the UK.

15 April 2021

Florida House of Representatives committee preserves private right of action

Florida’s House Commerce Committee has passed privacy legislation that allows residents to sue companies for violations, leaving two competing bills for lawmakers to consider before they adjourn at the end of the month – one with a private right of action, and one without.

15 April 2021

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