Ransomware rulings leave insurance industry in flux

Several recent US court decisions have put insurers on the hook for ransomware attacks, threatening to upend an area of law that was thought to be settled.

09 December 2021

Danish regulator gets funding increase

Denmark’s privacy watchdog is set to gain 16.8 million kroner (€2.2 million) over the next four years – but the additional funds are earmarked for guidance and advice rather than enforcement.

08 December 2021

New data protection standards to combat sport manipulation

The Council of Europe’s Convention 108 committee has adopted a new framework to protect privacy and personal data during efforts to tackle sport competition manipulation.

08 December 2021

Lithuania plans AML data sharing law

Lithuanian authorities are working on legislative proposals to allow financial institutions to share financial data with each other in order to better combat financial crime.

06 December 2021

Public sector becomes a NIS 2 sticking point

The Council of the European Union has agreed its position on the NIS 2 Directive, but some member states are already broadcasting plans to extend the new rules to local authorities.

03 December 2021

Data security considerations add new wrinkle to Brazilian labour law

A Brazilian labour court has invoked the LGPD in a recent decision upholding the dismissal of an employee.

03 December 2021

Denham to join Baker McKenzie

Baker McKenzie, which works for a range of data-rich tech companies, has hired former UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham.

02 December 2021

Antitrust legislation would sacrifice app security, policy experts warn

US trade groups representing app developers have mounted a campaign against several antitrust proposals being considered by Congress, warning that the laws would harm privacy and data security.

01 December 2021

Digital Markets Act passes EU council, but scope could still increase

While European ministers are broadly enthusiastic about the Digital Markets Act, some are already preparing for a battle over the respective roles of the European Commission and national authorities.

25 November 2021

Final version of Digital Markets Act casts a wide net

The European Parliament is set to agree on a text for the Digital Markets Act that would see a broader definition of a 'gatekeeper' than some lawmakers had hoped for.

22 November 2021

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