Senate committee shines spotlight on Google’s adtech business

Policy experts have told a US senate committee that Google has monopolised the adtech space by combining data from a wide array of its products – although others say there is plenty of competition for online advertising and that Google is benefiting consumers.

16 September 2020

UK government attempts to prompt data innovation

The UK government hopes its national data strategy will catalyse innovation and allow the country to pursue its own data regime post-Brexit.

11 September 2020

Non-personal data framework could harm India

Major global software providers have warned that India’s plan to regulate non-personal data could chill investment and innovation in the country, put data processors in an “impossible situation” and have effects beyond the country’s borders.

11 September 2020

The prospects and pitfalls of contact-tracing apps

Contact-tracing apps have failed to live up to their initial hype during the covid-19 pandemic, but technologists and policymakers are still grappling with the issues surrounding the apps with the hope that they can be effective in fighting future disease outbreaks.

10 September 2020

“Sorely needed” EDPB controller-processor guidance released

New guidelines on the concepts of controller and processor under the GDPR released by the European Data Protection Board provide fresh direction on joint controllership.

08 September 2020

Swiss Privacy Shield deemed inadequate

In the wake of Schrems II, Switzerland’s data protection authority has found that the US-Swiss Privacy Shield is not up to scratch.

08 September 2020

Privacy in a pandemic

As countries around the world rush to control the spread of the covid-19 virus, privacy regulators are keen to have their say on data sharing. But some watchdogs are finding their guidance largely ignored – raising questions about the true influence of data protection authorities.

08 September 2020

What covid-19 means for data lawyers in the long term

As organisations all around the world slash their budgets in response to the economic downturn caused by the covid-19 pandemic, lawyers and advisers have been forced to grapple with an existential question: how essential is data?

07 September 2020

US federal data strategy could aid economic recovery efforts

Researchers have lamented that the US federal government is still operating on the “Great Depression-era” model of collecting and reporting economic data – though efforts are underway to change that.

03 September 2020

Australian privacy reform stalls

Changes to the Australian privacy regime promised for this year have so far not materialised, with little time left for lawmakers to introduce changes.

03 September 2020

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