Dutch data regulator calls for huge budget increase

The Dutch government must more than triple the country’s data protection authority or it will be unable to properly enforce the GDPR, the regulator has claimed.

19 November 2020

US Congress passes IOT security legislation

A US bill that sets cybersecurity standards for IOT devices used by the federal government could also affect private sector security programmes.

19 November 2020

Georgia’s US senate race could determine future of federal privacy legislation

The 5 January elections for Georgia’s two US senate seats will go a long way in shaping federal privacy legislation.

16 November 2020

New SCCs to impose raft of costly new obligations

The EU’s updated standard contractual clauses (SCCs) will impose onerous new obligations on international data transfers, and might affect the economics of receiving SCC-transferred information.

13 November 2020

Long-awaited EDPB supplementary measures guidance released

The European Data Protection Board has released highly-anticipated guidance on data transfer precautions – which appears to rule out the use of many cloud services.

12 November 2020

Q+A: Finland’s data protection commissioner Anu Talus

Anu Talus became the head of Finland’s data protection authority at the start of this month, following a 15-month stint as deputy. She spoke to GDR about her new role.

11 November 2020

WhatsApp Pay finally given go-ahead in India after data problems

WhatsApp has finally been given the go-ahead to launch its payments service in India, after years of delays because of data localisation rules.

09 November 2020

ePrivacy lobbying intensifies as key meeting approaches

Competing factions have upped the ante in the battle over ePrivacy ahead of a meeting of an influential EU Council group to discuss a new proposed draft of the law.

09 November 2020

Californians approve CPRA

California residents have voted to pass ‘Prop 24’, which contains a new privacy law that will make sweeping changes to the CCPA regime.

04 November 2020

A look into the crystal ball: 10 catalysts in the future of data and risk

FTI Consulting senior managing directors Jon Chan and Richard Palmer predict the top 10 data risks businesses will soon face.

04 November 2020

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