US deluged with CCPA-inspired state privacy bills

Virginia is poised to be the next state with a comprehensive privacy law that echoes California’s CCPA. Many others could soon follow.

19 February 2021

Mexico’s president continues efforts to shut down independent data regulator

Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador is continuing to pursue a plan to shutter the country’s independent data regulator, despite warnings that such a move could violate the law and harm Mexico’s international reputation.

16 February 2021

A rocky road ahead: ePrivacy reactions

After four years of debate in the Council of the European Union, an updated version of the EU ePrivacy regime is moving forward. It’s a big victory for the Portuguese presidency of the council, which achieved what many previous presidencies could not – but the process isn’t over yet.

11 February 2021

Vendor involved in SolarWinds declined to share info, former CISA head says

Former US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency director Chris Krebs has told Congress that a contractor involved in the SolarWinds hack declined to disclose information about the breach – illustrating how public contractual confidentiality requirements can block investigations into large-scale breaches.

11 February 2021

ePrivacy finally gets moving

EU member state representatives have greenlit a proposed version of the ePrivacy Regulation, paving the way for negotiations after four years of delays.

10 February 2021

Dutch regulator set to gain hundreds of staff

The Dutch data protection authority looks set to hire hundreds of new staff and receive tens of millions of euros in new funding.

10 February 2021

North Dakota privacy law proposal skewered in committee

After receiving overwhelmingly negative feedback from industry groups and other organisations, a North Dakota state legislative committee has voted against a privacy bill that would impose broad opt-in requirements for companies seeking to collect user data.

10 February 2021

Report: Outdated technology holding back Irish GDPR enforcement

An Irish NGO says the country’s GDPR enforcement efforts are being hampered by a long-delayed Data Protection Commission IT update.

09 February 2021

Brazil’s fledgling DPA reveals priorities

The Brazilian Data Protection Authority’s agenda is welcome news for observers who feared that the board’s heavily military background would skew enforcement priorities.

05 February 2021

Apple privacy changes may cost developers millions

Mobile app developers have predicted that Apple’s decision to restrict the way companies collect data from users will have a serious financial impact.

05 February 2021

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