ICO to get funding boost under new fine retention rule

The UK’s data protection authority will be allowed to keep some of the fines it imposes under new measures which could strengthen the regulator.

15 June 2022

German authorities receive expert opinion on expanding cooperation

An expert opinion will guide German regulators’ approach to strengthening cooperation between the federal and state bodies.

15 June 2022

UK announces new light-touch digital strategy

The UK government has published a new digital strategy, committing to an outcomes-based regulatory regime and debuting a framework for measuring the project’s success.

13 June 2022

From pre-emption to private right of action: key points of the American Data Privacy and Protection Act

Years in the making, the bipartisan American Data Privacy and Protection Act draft bill borrows from various laws, including the GDPR and state-level data privacy laws. If passed, it would also create unique definitions and requirements.

10 June 2022

Finnish decision foreshadows GDPR and Data Act clash

Finland’s data protection authority has said historical car maintenance data can be classified as personal data under the GDPR, opening a question on how proposals for non-personal data sharing under the Data Act will work.

10 June 2022

Bipartisan data privacy bill faces uphill struggle despite compromises

Last Friday, the proposed American Data Privacy and Protection Act revealed what a bipartisan, comprehensive national data privacy law could look like in the US and has gained praise for balancing corporate and consumer interests.

09 June 2022

CNIL rejects risk-based approach to non-EU transfers

The French regulator has flatly rejected a risk-based approach to international transfers in a published Q&A about the use of Google Analytics, echoing the stance of its Austrian counterpart.

08 June 2022

Edwards: “tweaks” needed to ensure UK data law keeps adequacy

The head of the UK’s data protection authority has said plans to reform the country’s data protection regime will need “tweaks” to ensure it maintains adequacy with the EU.

08 June 2022

MPs pushed on Online Safety Bill data protection issues

UK lawmakers have been urged to consider how the Online Safety Bill will affect data protection, among ongoing questions over how to ensure that large platforms comply with the new legislation.

07 June 2022

2022’s biggest data privacy and cybersecurity US regulations so far

From the growing patchwork of state-level data privacy laws to federal agencies tightening their cybersecurity requirements, 2022 has been a busy year for US data privacy and cybersecurity regulation. GDR highlights some of the key developments in the last six months.

06 June 2022

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