Singapore to introduce a data portability requirement

Singapore plans to introduce a data portability requirement amid a sweeping review of the country’s Personal Data Protection Act of 2012, the country’s data protection regulator has revealed.

26 February 2019

Mexico’s INAI requires more authority, say local lawyers

Lawyers in Mexico say the country’s data protection authority needs more power to properly enforce legislation and implement sanctions.

20 February 2019

EDPB releases GDPR certification guidance

The European Data Protection Board has released guidance on rules that allow organisations to certify their processes as GDPR-compliant.

19 February 2019

UK lawmakers request Facebook antitrust probe

A UK parliamentary report has called upon the country’s antitrust watchdog to investigate Facebook, after concluding that the platform “knowingly” violated abuse of dominance rules by deciding which “businesses should succeed or fail”.

19 February 2019

Romanian data protection law “problematic”, says NGO

A Romanian NGO has accused the country’s data protection law of falling short of GDPR standards and compromising press freedom.

18 February 2019

US audit office urges Congress to create privacy law

The US national auditing office has recommended that Congress consider a federal internet privacy law in a new report.

14 February 2019

China proposes strict data protection amendments

The Chinese government has released a set of proposed amendments to the country’s data protection standards that would introduce stricter obligations if passed.

12 February 2019

Commission suggests talks to improve EU-US evidence exchange

The European Commission has published two recommendations to improve the exchange of electronic evidence in transatlantic criminal investigations.

08 February 2019

Quantum computing and cryptography: credible threat or scaremongering?

For those in the cybersecurity trade, a section in this year’s World Economic Forum global risks report predicting the demise of cryptography may have made for particularly distressing reading.

06 February 2019

Bulgarian president vetoes GDPR transposition

Bulgaria’s president has vetoed amendments to data protection legislation which would have transposed the GDPR into national law because of fears over its impact on media freedom.

05 February 2019

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