SEC sounds the alarm on email fraud

The US Securities and Exchange Commission will take no action against nine public companies that lost $100 million through email fraud, but warned that regulated companies may need to reassess their accounting controls in light of emerging cyber risks.

18 October 2018

US senators urge India to drop data localisation requirements

Two US lawmakers have raised concerns about India’s data localisation policies in a letter which encourages the country to instead adopt a light-touch regulatory framework to foster investment and innovation.

17 October 2018

UK government releases IOT security code of practice

In a move praised by lawyers, the UK government has released a code of practice to help Internet of Things companies embed security into the design of their devices.

15 October 2018

CNIL adopts two standards for DPO certification

France’s CNIL has become the first data protection watchdog in Europe to adopt “absolutely necessary” standards for Data Protection Officer certification.

15 October 2018

No SCCs needed for data controllers governed by GDPR, ICO lawyer suggests

Ahead of expected European guidance on the extraterritorial scope of the GDPR, the general counsel of the UK’s data watchdog has suggested that data transfers to third countries that haven’t been granted an adequacy decision will be unrestricted if the recipient is already subject to EU rules.

12 October 2018

US privacy advocates call for enhanced enforcer powers

Privacy advocates called for the US to enact GDPR-style federal privacy legislation, backing increased powers for enforcers or even the establishment of a standalone data protection authority at a Senate hearing yesterday.

11 October 2018

EDPB criticises e-Evidence proposals

The European Data Protection Board has said pre-existing measures currently protect privacy more effectively than proposed legislation designed to ease access of electronic evidence across EU member state borders.

10 October 2018

Blockchain networks not immune to hacks, NIST warns

The US Department of Commerce’s agency the National Institute of Standards and Technology says using blockchain will not necessarily increase networks’ security standards.

05 October 2018

Database right and a no-deal Brexit: has news of its death been greatly exaggerated?

Blake Morgan partner Simon Stokes analyses what a no-deal Brexit could mean for database rights in the UK.

01 October 2018

Regulate AI output rather than process, says lawyer

Regulation should address the potentially harmful results of AI, rather than the process through which it reaches those results, a barrister has said.

01 October 2018

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