Interview: Anna Morgan and Marita Kinsella

Irish data officials discuss cooperation and the GDPR.

20 December 2018

Crossing the river by feeling the stones

China has long disregarded international norms when it comes to governing its affairs. Its approach to data is no different.

18 December 2018

Develop security-centric culture, UK financial watchdog tells banks

A UK Financial Conduct Authority report has found that the asset management and banking sectors struggle to identify and mitigate relevant cybersecurity risks at board or management committee levels.

18 December 2018

EDPB concerned about Japan privacy regime

In its opinion on the European Commission’s draft adequacy agreement with Japan, the European Data Protection Board has cast doubts over the level of protection offered by the country’s data privacy regime.

17 December 2018

Taiwan enters APEC data scheme

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum has admitted Taiwan into a cross-border privacy scheme designed to ease cross-border data flows.

14 December 2018

Argentine regulator issues international transfers guidance

The Argentine data protection watchdog has published its much-awaited guidelines for the use of binding corporate rules in international data transfers.

14 December 2018

Congress slams Equifax breach response

A report by the US House of Representatives has called the credit agency’s 2017 data breach “entirely preventable” and urged the Federal Trade Commission’s powers be boosted.

12 December 2018

Shift in bulk interception policy will not increase investigative activity, says UK government

A spokesperson for the UK government has said that a shift in policy to make greater use of bulk surveillance legislation does not mean that its investigative activity is set to increase.

11 December 2018

ePrivacy hits new delays

The EU’s ePrivacy Regulation is now unlikely to be finalised until 2020 after facing fresh delays, observers say.

07 December 2018

Up to date

Diego Fernández, a partner at Marval O'Farrell & Mairal in Buenos Aires, compares Argentina’s new data protection bill to the legislation it is replacing.

03 December 2018

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