UK could lose out on database rights, government warns

A no-deal Brexit could see database rights become unenforceable for UK rights holders, the UK’s government has said.

28 September 2018

Ad tech industry struggling with privacy rules, say lawyers

The digital advertising industry is struggling to establish clear legal grounds for processing under the GDPR, ahead of changes to the EU ePrivacy regulations that are set to affect the industry yet further, lawyers have said.

28 September 2018

South Korea to force government to preserve data

South Korea’s interior ministry has announced a new policy that aims to preserve public sector data in a national push to facilitate big data analysis.

28 September 2018

Tech companies call for US federal data protection law

Some of the world’s biggest tech and telecoms companies have come out in favour of federal US data protection legislation, but have warned against bringing in a “burdensome” GDPR-style law and giving the Federal Trade Commission more powers.

27 September 2018

Pressure mounts on Canada to extend privacy rules to political parties

A Canadian privacy commissioner has found that it has no jurisdiction to enforce privacy rules on a provincial political party, just days after federal and state privacy commissioners called on the government to introduce legislation to cover data handling by political parties.

26 September 2018

French data protection watchdog weighs into blockchain debate

The CNIL has become the first data protection authority worldwide to issue advice on how to apply the GDPR to blockchain, suggesting personal data be encrypted to ensure the technology complies with the right to be forgotten.

25 September 2018

Argentina set to pass new data protection law

Argentina’s executive branch has presented its Congress with a draft data protection bill in a bid to align the country’s data protection standards with the GDPR.

24 September 2018

Multiple data protection authorities may have stake in enforcement action, regulators say

The location of data processing and level of a country’s citizens’ concern play a larger role in determining lead supervisory authorities than the location of company headquarters, regulators have said.

19 September 2018

Ad tech facing EU privacy complaints

Privacy campaigners have filed complaints with the UK and Irish data protection authorities against widespread advertising technology industry practices and the guidelines and frameworks that govern them.

17 September 2018

UK-EU data flow at threat from no deal Brexit, says UK government

The UK government has urged businesses to prepare standard contractual clauses for data transfers with the EU in case the UK leaves the bloc without a formal agreement in place.

14 September 2018

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