New Hong Kong chief incoming

An English-qualified barrister and long-time government lawyer is set to take over as Hong Kong’s new data protection commissioner.

28 July 2020

Data centre giant Equinix leaves ICO for Dutch watchdog

Data centre market-leader Equinix has chosen the Dutch regulator as its lead authority for its binding corporate rules as the UK prepares to completely leave the EU, GDR can reveal.

24 July 2020

Snapchat earnings a positive sign for adtech

Messaging app Snapchat has posted gains in users and revenue despite facing the covid-19 pandemic, government lockdowns, and a severe economic contraction.

22 July 2020

US AI commission recommends export controls for data

A council of top current and former US tech, military and intelligence officials has recommended that the country’s government place export controls on sensitive American data that could be used by competitors in the race for artificial intelligence supremacy.

21 July 2020

Colombian data broker fined for including political sanctions in credit histories

Colombia’s data protection authority has fined one of the country’s main credit bureaus around $200,000 for including information on political sanctions in the credit histories of 288,753 citizens.

20 July 2020

China unveils draft Data Security Law

A new proposed Chinese data law intended to protect national security and the development of the digital economy sets out a series of measures designed to enhance data security. If enacted, the law could profoundly alter data security practices in China, as well as provide scope for extraterritorial application.

20 July 2020

Schrems II: the data protection community reacts

Yesterday’s Schrems II ruling lived up to expectations – just like the first iteration of the dispute, it has thrown a spanner in works for companies hoping to transfer data abroad, particularly to the US. GDR has analysed the data protection community’s reactions and thoughts on the implications of the decision.

17 July 2020

Schrems II sparks data transfer chaos and confusion

The European Court of Justice has invalidated the EU-US Privacy Shield and forced companies and regulators to take a tougher view on standard contractual clauses – in a decision guaranteed to make international data transfers significantly more burdensome.

16 July 2020

Industry and privacy groups alike baulk at Barr-backed encryption bill

An encryption carveout has been added to online platform liability legislation making its way through Congress, but the country’s attorney general has backed another bill that would give law enforcement access to encrypted communications.

16 July 2020

Chinese data protection: the move towards a comprehensive law

The largest overhaul of China’s civil law system in the country’s modern history has introduced important provisions regarding the right to privacy and protection of personal information. The country still doesn’t have a GDPR-style comprehensive data protection law in place, but with more updates to come, lawyers say it could be on the way – and that businesses should prepare.

14 July 2020

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