New health data law jumps on Data Act possibilities

The European Commission has published a proposed regulation on the sharing of medical data, but the law is reliant on other pieces of data-sharing legislation which are themselves not yet finalised.

04 May 2022

UK sets out app privacy and security practice code

The UK government has proposed a “world first” code of practice to set minimum privacy and security requirements for app store operators and developers.

04 May 2022

MEPs vote through AI report

The European Parliament has approved a special report on artificial intelligence, including suggestions for a market in personal data enabled by other forthcoming pieces of EU legislation.

03 May 2022

New internet protection initiative will need regulations to drive compliance

The Declaration for the Future of the Internet has international support but needs legislation to ensure widespread corporate compliance.

29 April 2022

ECJ confirms GDPR consumer protection litigation right

The highest EU court has ruled that consumer groups have the right to launch data protection lawsuits, in a move that could bolster GDPR representative actions across the bloc.

28 April 2022

German schools told to stop using Office 365

The data regulator for Baden-Württemberg has instructed schools in the state to offer an alternative to Microsoft 365 by summer 2022, and to stop using the software altogether by the new school year.

27 April 2022

Brussels reaches agreement on Digital Services Act

The European Parliament, Council and Commission have agreed a compromise text for the Digital Services Act, paving the way for another major piece of legislative oversight for big tech out of Brussels.

25 April 2022

APEC launches global data transfer initiative

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation is extending its data transfer certifications beyond its member countries and standardising some cross-border data flow complexities.

22 April 2022

Lawmakers’ report on AI Act suggests further changes

MEPs said alignment with the GDPR was a “key element” of the EU’s landmark regulation of artificial intelligence, proposing to extend the commission’s ability to enforce against serious infringements and give individuals the right to remedies.

22 April 2022

Maine’s proposed biometric law dies in the Senate

Maine’s Senate has failed to pass tough new biometric privacy regulation that would have created a new private right of action.

21 April 2022

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