Edwards greenlit as next UK data regulator

MPs have approved the appointment of John Edwards as the next UK Information Commissioner, but criticised delays in his nomination.

10 September 2021

Edwards: scope for UK “third way” between EU and US

The UK’s incoming data privacy chief has provided insight into his approach to regulating Big Tech and balancing innovation with enforcement, and said the UK may be able to chart a “middle course” between the US and EU approaches to regulating data.

09 September 2021

ICO’s call for G7 collaboration on cookie pop-ups raises questions

The UK privacy watchdog has called on fellow G7 data protection authorities to coordinate on tackling cookie consent pop-ups – but questions remain about the commission’s focus and how the measures might work in practice.

07 September 2021

US enforcers employ new surveillance methods post-Carpenter

Geofence warrants, stingrays and bulk data purchases are among the new surveillance tactics employed by law enforcers some three years after the US Supreme Court’s 2018 Carpenter decision – a state of affairs that has civil libertarians urging Congress to enact privacy reforms.

03 September 2021

China to stop overseas listings for companies with sensitive data

China is reportedly seeking to halt companies that handle sensitive data from listing in stock exchanges outside of the country.

27 August 2021

GDR launches ECJ Case Tracker tool

Subscribers can keep up to date with all GDPR-era cases referred to the EU’s highest court.

27 August 2021

ECJ Case Tracker

The GDR European Court of Justice Case Tracker allows subscribers to monitor all GDPR-era cases in the EU's highest court.

27 August 2021

Edwards to be next UK privacy chief amid data policy overhaul

The UK has formally announced New Zealand privacy commissioner John Edwards as the next Information Commissioner and unveiled post-Brexit data policy that prioritises increasing economic growth and trade – marking a planned shift away from the EU GDPR.

26 August 2021

China tightens data protection with PIPL

China’s legislature has passed the landmark Personal Information Protection Law, strengthening the country’s data protection framework and giving companies just over two months to comply.

23 August 2021

Pentagon silent on Afghan biometric data programme

At the outset of the post-9/11 invasion of Afghanistan, the US military sought to compile a biometric database of the country’s population. That data could now be in the hands of the Taliban.

20 August 2021

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