Region: Argentina

Facebook/WhatsApp update blocked in Argentina

Argentina's government has prevented Facebook from rolling out its updated WhatsApp privacy policy until the country’s competition authority has completed an investigation assessing whether the terms of service are anticompetitive.

19 May 2021

IP association: lack of data protection hinders drug development

Weak data protection rules in eight major economies are hurting US drug development companies, according to a major trade association of intellectual property owners.

29 January 2021

Argentina could have new data protection legislation in 2021

After the previous administration failed to pass GDPR-like legislation that would have cemented the country’s EU adequacy status, Argentina’s government is preparing a new data privacy law that could be unveiled in early 2021.

14 December 2020

Argentine privacy watchdog issues guidelines

Argentina’s Access to Public Information Agency has released guidance on video surveillance, automatised processing and consent.

18 January 2019

Argentine regulator issues international transfers guidance

The Argentine data protection watchdog has published its much-awaited guidelines for the use of binding corporate rules in international data transfers.

14 December 2018

Up to date

Diego Fernández, a partner at Marval O'Farrell & Mairal in Buenos Aires, compares Argentina’s new data protection bill to the legislation it is replacing.

03 December 2018

Argentinian NGO calls for regulation of social media surveillance

The Association for Civil Rights (ADC) has said there should more transparency in how government agencies use data from public sources, and that information from social media platforms should be treated differently to other open source data.

09 November 2018

Argentina set to pass new data protection law

Argentina’s executive branch has presented its Congress with a draft data protection bill in a bid to align the country’s data protection standards with the GDPR.

24 September 2018

Argentina’s Marval confirms tech focus with new partner appointment

10 August 2018

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