Region: Australia

Australia attacks Facebook over Onavo data sharing

An Australian regulator has sued Facebook for misleading consumers about how it would use data gathered by virtual private network subsidiary Onavo.

16 December 2020

Facebook US on the hook in Australia

Australia’s Federal Court has said Australian privacy legislation has an extraterritorial effect over Facebook’s US parent company, amid regulatory proceedings linked to the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

18 September 2020

Australian privacy reform stalls

Changes to the Australian privacy regime promised for this year have so far not materialised, with little time left for lawmakers to introduce changes.

03 September 2020

Australian financial planner pursued over representatives’ cybersecurity

Australia’s financial regulator seeks to hold RI Advice liable for data breaches suffered by its authorised representatives.

26 August 2020

Australian health site fined for sharing patient data

Healthcare booking site HealthEngine has admitted that it shared patient data to insurance brokers without permission.

20 August 2020

Google faces increased pressure over Australian data practices

Australia’s antitrust and consumer watchdog is piling on enforcement against Google – this time over allegations that it collected and used personal information without explicit consent.

27 July 2020

Clearview faces joint UK and Australian investigation

The UK and Australian data watchdogs have launched a joint investigation into Clearview AI’s controversial scraping of biometric data – the latest in a string of probes the company has faced.

09 July 2020

Google/Fitbit deal faces resistance over data acquisition

Google’s proposed acquisition of wearables company Fitbit is facing multiple roadblocks over the “trove” of health data it may obtain as part of the purchase.

18 June 2020

Contact-tracing approaches diverge worldwide

As governments and people across the world seek an exit strategy to coronavirus lockdown, contact tracing apps have been touted as a powerful tool – but data privacy concerns have led to differing approaches by health authorities.

06 May 2020

How Singapore is leading the way in Asia-Pacific data trade

The conclusion of negotiations for a digital trade agreement between Singapore and Australia demonstrates an ever-increasing emphasis in the region on data flows as a core component of international trade.

08 April 2020

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