Region: Austria

ECJ opinion puts sports out of GDPR bounds

A European Court of Justice advocate general has controversially proposed excluding any sector not already governed by EU law from the scope of the GDPR.

14 September 2023

Fitbit faces illegal data transfers complaint

Noyb has filed complaints against Fitbit in multiple EU countries, accusing the health company of unlawfully transferring customer data to the US.

31 August 2023

Romain Robert: the exit interview

Noyb programme director Romain Robert has been a key part of the team that has gone from being known as “privacy fundamentalists” to the “28th data protection authority” over the past five years. At the end of his three-year tenure at the NGO, he tells GDR about what GDPR issues need further work, the state of civil society, and the future of enforcement.

11 August 2023

Austria follows suit with Clearview decision while French pressure builds

Austria’s privacy regulator is the latest European data watchdog to declare that Clearview’s data use is illegal.

10 May 2023

ECJ confirms access rights scope

Controllers only need to provide data subjects with entire documents or databases under GDPR access rights if doing so is necessary for them to exercise their rights, the European Court of Justice has held.

05 May 2023

ECJ ruling revives GDPR damage claims

The European Court of Justice has rejected any need for a seriousness threshold for GDPR non-material damages, in a ruling that departed from an earlier opinion which could have shot down such claims across the EU.

04 May 2023

Austrian regulator sides with publishers in cookie paywall dispute

Austria’s data protection authority has broadly approved the use of cookie paywalls by online publishers, but warned that users must be given more choice over the processing of their data.

12 April 2023

Austrian credit scoring decision could lead to future damages, says noyb

The Austrian regulator has found that credit scoring company CRIF unlawfully collected and processed data from a direct marketing company, a move which complainant noyb has identified as a test case for millions of Austrians.

28 March 2023

Austria enforces against Meta trackers

Austria’s data regulator has found that a website’s use of Facebook trackers illegally transferred personal data to the US, but refused to enforce against Meta directly.

16 March 2023

Credit broker told to delete unlawfully collected data

The Austrian data regulator has told a credit broker to delete personal data it unlawfully collected from individuals who filed access requests with the company.

13 February 2023

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