Region: Austria

Austrian credit scoring decision could lead to future damages, says noyb

The Austrian regulator has found that credit scoring company CRIF unlawfully collected and processed data from a direct marketing company, a move which complainant noyb has identified as a test case for millions of Austrians.

28 March 2023

Austria enforces against Meta trackers

Austria’s data regulator has found that a website’s use of Facebook trackers illegally transferred personal data to the US, but refused to enforce against Meta directly.

16 March 2023

Credit broker told to delete unlawfully collected data

The Austrian data regulator has told a credit broker to delete personal data it unlawfully collected from individuals who filed access requests with the company.

13 February 2023

ECJ confirms broad scope of access rights

The European Court of Justice has confirmed controllers must reveal the specific recipients of any data they shared in their responses to access requests, unless it is impossible or excessive to do so.

12 January 2023

ECJ advisers clarify scope of access rights

ECJ advisers have said in separate cases that subject access rights mostly do not entitle individuals to obtain copies of documents containing personal data, and that individuals can request information about processing that occurred before the GDPR came into effect.

15 December 2022

Claimant-side stakeholders criticise GDPR private enforcement hurdles

Defence lawyers welcomed a recent European Court of Justice opinion that could severely restrict the availability of non-material damages under the GDPR – but claimant-side observers have warned that shutting down non-material damages will further undermine the regulation’s effectiveness.

21 October 2022

ECJ set to shut down swathes of damages claims

A European Court of Justice advocate-general has said mere infringements of the GDPR that cause trivial harm such as “mere upset” cannot lead to compensation – threatening non-material damages claims across Europe.

06 October 2022

Austrian lawyer under investigation for Google Fonts claims

The Lower Austria Bar Association is investigating a lawyer who sent claims for damages to companies for the businesses’ alleged illegal use of Google Fonts.

24 August 2022

ECJ advocate-general expands scope of access rights

A European Court of Justice advocate-general has said controllers should reveal the specific recipients of any data they shared in their responses to access requests.

10 June 2022

Austrian watchdog rejects risk-based approach to data transfers

Following a complaint filed in 2020 by NGO noyb, the Austrian regulator held that the operator of an online comparison website unlawfully used Google Analytics and could not rely on a risk-based approach to transfer data to third countries.

03 May 2022

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