Region: Austria

ECJ set to shut down swathes of damages claims

A European Court of Justice advocate-general has said mere infringements of the GDPR that cause trivial harm such as “mere upset” cannot lead to compensation – threatening non-material damages claims across Europe.

06 October 2022

Austrian lawyer under investigation for Google Fonts claims

The Lower Austria Bar Association is investigating a lawyer who sent claims for damages to companies for the businesses’ alleged illegal use of Google Fonts.

24 August 2022

ECJ advocate-general expands scope of access rights

A European Court of Justice advocate-general has said controllers should reveal the specific recipients of any data they shared in their responses to access requests.

10 June 2022

Austrian watchdog rejects risk-based approach to data transfers

Following a complaint filed in 2020 by NGO noyb, the Austrian regulator held that the operator of an online comparison website unlawfully used Google Analytics and could not rely on a risk-based approach to transfer data to third countries.

03 May 2022

Google Analytics SCCs violate GDPR, Austrian watchdog finds

The Austrian data protection regulator has found that supplementary measures in Google Analytics standard contractual clauses cannot be used for US data exports, in a decision that will have companies scrambling to update their safeguards.

13 January 2022

Irish DPC bars noyb from Facebook procedure

Ireland’s data regulator has allegedly removed the privacy campaign group from its procedure against Facebook after it refused to sign a confidentiality agreement – an experience echoed by other privacy activists dealing with the regulator.

23 November 2021

Noyb files GDPR complaint against Grindr

Privacy non-profit noyb has lodged a complaint with the Austrian data watchdog against Grindr over an alleged breach of subject access request rules.

11 November 2021

Noyb seeks to topple cookie paywalls

Privacy NGO Noyb says subscriptions that remove cookie-based tracking breach GDPR consent rules, despite a previous decision from Austria’s data watchdog that greenlit these practices.

17 August 2021

Austria imposes profiling fine

Austria’s data watchdog has ordered a loyalty card provider to pay €2 million for unlawfully processing members’ personal data.

11 August 2021

ECJ to weigh in on Schrems Facebook litigation

The EU’s highest court is set to assess how Facebook has used personal data in the GDPR era, in a case that activist Max Schrems says could force the company to pay damages to millions of users.

20 July 2021

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